• Carr Winery Santa Ynez

    Carr Winery Santa Ynez

    Since the vineyards are worked under Ryan Carr’s supervision, the grapes are developed to his correct particulars ensuring that just the best grapes enter the winery. Notwithstanding winemaking, Ryan Carr additionally claims a vineyard administration and advancement organization. Carr Vineyards is a full administration vineyard administration organization giving plan and establishment of new vineyards and meeting and rejuvenation of more seasoned vineyards. With 15 years of involvement in the wine business, Carr Vineyards recognizes what varietals develop well in the various microclimates and soils of Santa Barbara County. Carr Vineyards at present oversees more than 100 sections of land crosswise over Santa Barbara County. We’re accessible for vineyard discussion and administration in your area.



    Built  in 1999. Carr Vineyards and Winery have practical experience in restricted generation wines from Santa Barbara County. Proprietor and Winemaker Ryan Carr additionally supervises the administration of more than 100 sections of land of vineyards, enabling him to handcraft every vintage from grapes developed to his determination.


    Our Philosophy

    Trust the best wines begin in the vineyard and pride ourselves on exactness cultivating. Every vineyard is carefully cultivated to create low yields, hand collected and cultivated utilizing just natural practices.

    Our Winemakers Ryan Carr

    With only an essence of a portion of the neighborhood wines, he chose to seek after a profession in viticulture. He started working in the fields pruning vines with one of the neighborhood vineyard administration organizations.  Considering this conviction, Ryan and his companion Andy Kahn (winemaker for the Kahn Winery) began a vineyard improvement organization. With this organization not exclusively would Ryan have the capacity to develop grapes, however, he likewise turned into the right-hand winemaker for the Kahn Winery. Throughout the years, Ryan sharpened his wine making and grape developing aptitudes. By 2004 the Carr Winery was making a little more than 1000 cases and had turned out to be broadly perceived.

    By 2006 Ryan had helped assemble three wineries and planted more than 200 sections of land of grapes in Santa Barbara County. Presently he was at long last chipping away at his very own winery. In the spring of 2007, Carr opened its entryways in downtown Santa Barbara. The winery was one of just four full generation wineries and tasting rooms in the downtown zone. From that point forward the wines and the office have gotten numerous honors and honors and Ryan has kept on creating a portion of the best wines in Santa Barbara County.

    Owner / Winemaker / Grower

    Ryan is the proprietor, winemaker, and cultivator for Carr Vineyards and Winery. He has put over the most recent 15 years ensuring that he and his group deliver the best grapes and wine in Santa Barbara County. His everyday schedule comprises of awakening at 5:00 am, heading to the Santa Ynez Valley, visiting every vineyard and kicking his groups off for the day, at that point returning to Santa Barbara to beware of the wines and visit with clients.


    Our Vineyards

    Carr Vineyards, Inc. is a full administration vineyard administration organization giving outline and establishment of new vineyards and also discussion and renewal of more established vineyards.  Since the vineyards are worked under Ryan Carr’s supervision, the grapes are developed to his correct details ensuring that just the best grapes enter the winery.


    2003 Carr Pinot Noir Ashley Vineyard







    This Pinot Noir was matured for a year in French oak barrels. It has dull cherry shading with a natural smell that is trailed by a fresh round mouthfeel and a delicate sensitive wrap up.


    2004 Carr Pinot Grigio Turner Vineyard

    This wine has kinds of caramel covered green apples and spiced tea as crisp and extreme like the day they were picked.


    2004 Carr Pinot Noir Turner Vineyard

    This Pinot Noir was matured a year in French oak barrels. The 2004 vintage is an exceptionally rich wine. It is medium-bodied with fragrances of red currants, sweet fruits and just a pinch of zest. The wine has ready stone foods grown from the ground flavors.


    2005 Carr Sangiovese

    This Sangiovese was matured for a year and a half in French oak barrels. It is a medium bodied wine with enchanting kinds of cherry and flavor with rich tannins and velvety surfaces. It is like a smooth, exemplary Italian Sangiovese.


    2005 Carr Syrah

    This Syrah was matured for 20 months in French oak barrels, 25% new oak. It is a mind-boggling, full-bodied Syrah with smells of wild berries pursued by a succulent mouthfeel reminiscent of blackberry stick.


    Question and Answer

    1. Are they offer different varieties of wine? Yes, they are so many kinds of wines that can offer different occasions.
    2. Is there available wine tasting to everyone? Yes, They offer wine tasting just give them a call to inform ahead of time.


    Final Thoughts:

    Begin your day with a cappuccino at the nearby bistro, Valley Grind. Shop at privately possessed, Plenty Boutique and Sage of Santa Ynez for home merchandise and ladies’ attire. Appreciate lunch on the porch with Mexican/Latin enlivened food at Dos Carlitos. Taste neighborhood wines and enjoy wood terminated pizzas at the benevolent Italian bistro, Trattoria Grappolo. Feast at the Brothers Restaurant at the Red Barn for amazing administration, imaginative “produced using scratch” cooking, and an inviting, agreeable environment.


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