California Wine Club

The California Wine Club

The California wine club is all about the individual, mindful and a hands-on approach. They choose wines to be included in their choice and offer handmade wines that are made with the passion and care. Their success is likely their most prominent proposal, as they run to expand on the accounts of their various fulfilled clients. They choose to run with small wineries depends on the way that the wineries that deliver wine in little amounts are not provoked by benefit, but rather incredible love and the sheer delight of conveying the ideal bottle to your table. Because of little clump making, the wines can normally just be found at the winery itself or in California Wine Club. The nature of these wines is better than anything you can purchase in the store, which is affirmed by the honors given to each wine included in the California Wine Club collection. In this section, I’ve search 5 lists of California Wines that you can choose from.

  1. Shafer Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Hillside Select 2009 (1 x 0.75 l)

Overview/ Review

This kind of vintage wine will help you to remind the other incredible ones way back in the year 1978-2002. It’s a liquids taste of black cherry, dark chocolate, briar fruits, tobacco and other touches of fragrant herbs. Supple, rich and loamy, it was tilted toward the flavorful, have a herbal side of Cabernet with unremarkable cherry and currant notes. Extremely intense however very elegant and balanced, this is a wine that has incredible vitality and energy. It is fantastically profound, manufactured like a high rise, and set for an extraordinarily long life.


  1. Is this available also in any grocery stores? Yes, you can find enough quantity of this item in grocery stores and also available in an online store.
  2. How many alcohol contents does it have? It contains 13.5% volume of alcohol.

2. Robert Mondavi Winery Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon, 750 mL


This wine is more stylish, powerful and diligent, have smoothly muscled tannins and expansive flavors. Dark organic fruit aromas are underlain with unnoticeable scents of thyme and wet gravel. It contains rich kinds of flavors of blackberry, black plum and also dark cherry are well-balanced by a trace of mocha approved by oak aging.


  1. Is this safe for pregnant like other wine brands? No, If you’re pregnant you should not drink alcoholic beverages unless it was 100% non-alcoholic drink. An alcoholic drink may cause a birth defect.
  2. How many ml does it have? It’s 750ml like it was posted in its bottle.

3. Caymus Vineyards – Special Selection Cabernet Sauvignon


It supple every layer of ripe fruit flavors-variety from dried red currant, calfskin and sweetness flavors. Tannins are smooth and the surface is lithe. In 1990, Caymus began to change from picking prior to natural flavors, to reaping and selecting rather indicate full readiness. This is as yet an in the middle of the style of both some limitation yet with less of the size and maturity of later vintages.


  1. How many alcohols does it have? The content of this wine is 13-15%
  2. Any food suggestion for this wine? My food suggestion is it is best to pair with Beef and Venison

4. Fume Blanc – 2013 – 6 x 0,75 lt. – Robert Mondavi


A mouth-filling wine with remarkable richness, yet it’s abounding with freshness and vitality. It strikes a delightful, Sancerre-like adjust of citrusy leafy foods flavors – citrus, honeydew, lemon verbena – with purifying mineralogy and shocking sharpness. There’s an enrapturing feeling of lift on the sense of taste with an agile, rich supporting that helps through the long, exquisite wrap up.


  1. What is the country of origin of this wine? United States
  2. Any allergen information? It contains Sulphites

5.  Echo Falls California Chardonnay, 75cl


You can simply enjoy this Chardonnay on your table. It’s smooth, comes with crisp lemon, seasoned peach, and tropical fruit savor to make and juicy wine. It’s perfect and best combination with any grilled or barbecued chicken or fish.


  1. Does it taste cherry? No, it tastes strawberry flavor
  2. What is their serving size? It’s 100 ml per serving size


California Wine club offer extraordinary, elusive craftsman wines, offer a noteworthy number of advantages to their individuals, and additionally some truly decent rebates on reorders. On the off chance that you don’t like the wine you get, you can get another bottle or your cash back. Over that, the participation is for nothing out of pocket, there are no cancellation charges, and there are some truly moderate wines in their purpose. If you like craftsman wines or need to try them out, California Wine Club might be an extraordinary choice.


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