California Wine Club Promo Code

Some California Wine Club Promo Code That You Can Take Advantage

Have you thought of buying wine but do not have the exact idea what kind of wine you want for yourself?Or are you a wine lover and would love to know more about different kinds of wine?Are you a wine drinker but only loves 2 or 3 kinds of wine?Or are you a busy wine drinker that don’t have the chance of going to supermarket and other wine stores?Are you wanting to drink some California wines but don’t have the chance to travel to the place and buy some wines?Do you like small wineries who offers wine?If you answered YES to all the above question,well  you need to become a member to THE CALIFORNIA WINE CLUB.This club will surely best fit to your need.

For 25 years in the service of making and serving great wines you will be sure that you only get the best wine ever.The founders and owners of this club has been travelled since then just to seek for the best wine for their clubs and for the customer to be satisfied enough when they get one.Experts and connoisseurs has gathered only the best and delicious wine in town.Plus you have the best reasonable price ever and will surely worth the value of your money from your pocket.

The subscription in this wine club can be monthly and you will have the chance of getting a lot of information from different kinds of wine.Becoming a member of this wine club you have the advantage of the following  list below:

  • Your kind of wine will be automatically deliver to you according to the kind of subscription you choose in their site.
  • After receiving your wine and you recommended it to a friend or some acquaintances,oh well you after signing them up you will get your $100 credit the next time you purchase your wine.
  • Get newsletter through your email updating all the upcoming and limited wines in the club.You also have the chance of letting you know their coming events exclusively offer to their customers.
  • You also have the advantage of letting them know that you don’t like their kind of wines that was send to you plus they will replaced it for you.
  • Being a member of the California Wine Club will let you visit somem small wineries around the regions of California
  • You can also ask a personal wine experts that can always accommodate your question anytime.



Please note that the following promo code listed are subject to change and expiration.These are just some of the promo codes offer during the time this article is wrote.But nonetheless you can always visit their website and check some upcoming and latest promo codes  you can enjoy whole buying their wines online.You may also contact their customer service for more details and to answer a lot of your questions.

  • You can get only $1 dollar shipping from their site to all kinds of spring wines and get extra 10% using the promo code EXTRA10 to some discounted wines.(EXPIRES MARCH 31,2018)
  • Order for yourself you as a gift to some by suing the promo code EXTRAWINE.This includes a two bottles of featured wines plus get your $25 credit. (EXPIRES JUNE 30.2018)
  • Get a 5% off to month premier red wine gift membership,month international gift membership,month signature gift membership and month premier white wine gift membership.No code needed.(EXPIRES ON APRIL 4,2018)Use this promo code for the 25th anniversary celebration of the club where you the chance to get wines and other guide for recipe and a $25 as a wine credit and get at least $24 credit for any Cabernet.Use the code AFDADGIFT15.


  • Get a 10% discount if you used the promo code LEAP to any California wine Club you order.


  • By using the promo code 2EXTRA you have the chance of getting some discount to those limited wines that only expert pick according to their choices.
  • Use this promo code for future orders 2EXTRA.You will get 3 gifts from California Wine Club and there will be 2 bottle of wines and a $25 credit for your next purchase

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