best wine with lasagna

The Best Wine with Lasagna

Everybody adores to eat lasagna and obviously, everybody needs it. Maybe a couple can oppose this sacred trinity of cheddar, sauce, and pasta. It might be tedious to make, however, the exertion is the thing that makes it consider like your own home and worth offering to others. When we consider lasagna, it’s likely the substantial rendition that is highest in our brains, yet nowadays there is a wide range of sorts similarly as with pasta sauces, the wine blending relies upon alternate fixings in the dish.


Many of us know that lasagna is possibly one of the most flexible soothing foods that everyone loves to experience tasting it. Obviously, not all lasagna dishes are made the same, and thus we have to break down the wine blending conceivable outcomes to the distinctive lasagne recipes that you may know. There are such a large number of wines from various nations that supplement the flavors in numerous sorts of lasagna.

In the case of serving a cheddar, meat, veggie lover or white lasagna, consider individual taste. An overwhelming dish like lasagna matches best with more full-bodied wines, including reds, whites, and mixes. Independent from anyone else lasagna sheets don’t have much taste by any means, or the taste is exceptionally fragile. What means food coordinating is taking a gander at alternate fixings making up a dish and how they will impact the essence of the dish. From that point, you can pick the perfect wine to match with lasagne.

Here is the list of the best wine to pair with your favorite lasagna!


for Red Lasagna


If you love lasagna that full with mozzarella, meatballs, eggs, olive oil and ricotta, this epic, salt-of-the-earth supper describe for Aglianico, the champion grapes from Southern Italy. Not exclusively does the wine’s high tannin content supplement rich and greasy dishes, however, the high causticity and dried natural product flavors ask to matched with a healthy red sauce.

Wine Structure

  • High Tannin
  • High Acidity
  • Full-Bodied
  • Medium Alcohol Content

Recommended wine: Aglianico del Vulture


for Moussaka


The indisputable sugar coated natural product move up and a cinnamon season is a thing that gives Grenache away to master daze testers. It has a medium-bodied taste because of its higher liquor, yet has a misleadingly lighter shading and is semi-translucent. Contingent upon where it’s developed, it regularly has inconspicuous fragrances of orange skins and ruby-red grapefruits. It was a near disaster, however, at last, we needed to run with Grenache. These wines influence an incredible buddy to herb-to and flavor substantial dishes that stress simmered vegetables.

Recommended wine: Côtes du Rhône Villages


for Pesto Lasagna


Do you prefer your lasagna joins with parmesan cheddar, basil, pine nuts, and olive oil? Then this lasagna brimming with flavor and smell. Blending with a similarly lean, green Vermentino is a superb choice. It’s dry, a touch slick, and sufficiently severe to hang with this current style’s fragrant nature. A will be a light-bodied white wine that develops generally in Italy on the island of Sardinia. What’s energizing about this is it can be delectably intricate in taste in comparative style to Sauvignon Blanc. Since Vermentino is so obscure, you can discover top notch wines for an incredible esteem. How about we dive into the subtle elements of Vermentino wine and what to search for and from where.

Recommended wine: Vermentino Bolgheri


for White Lasagna


In case you’re a fan of Béchamel and Bolognese lasagna with consummate adjust of noodles, you ought to be tied in matching this with Arneis. This Piedmontese grape is an undeniable irritation to develop. At the point when done right, however, it turns into a zap-you-in-the-mouth wine that demonstrations like a herb, and other velvety cheeses with obvious green notes.

Recommended wine: Roero Arneis

Other Wine pairings with Lasagna

  • Meat Lasagna:  

Entry Level– Sangiovese IGT especially from Tuscany, Cinsault, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

Mid-Level: Cannonau di Sardegna, Chianti Classico, Morellino di Scansano

Top Level: Brunello di Montalcino, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano

  • Vegetarian Lasagna

Entry Level: Chenin Blanc, Oaked Australian Chardonnay

Mid-Level: Sauvignon Blanc, Gavi, Argentinian Torrontes

Top-Level: White Rioja Reserva, Friuli Pinot Grigio


  1. Are all this wine are cost expensive? No, some of them are quite expensive but it is worth to try to pair with your lasagna recipes since it is ideal to its taste.
  2. Are all this good to pair with lasagna? Yes of course! Once you pair this wine to your lasagna recipe you can’t resist to pair it again and again!

Bottom Line

Many people admiring the taste and deliciousness of lasagna, with this case, numerous contemporary chefs experts plan minor departure from the great lasagna recipes. Accordingly, extraordinary wines ought to be drawn on to go with these new lasagna recipes. For instance, a fish lasagna with white sauces that incorporates white wines ought to be joined by a coordinating wine, for instance, the chardonnay white wines. Several lasagna veggie lovers are completed with baked veggies without sauces; these procedures identify for white wines, as they are overwhelmed by reds. However, mushroom lasagna is also a great choice in pairing with pinot noir or red burgundy since this is healthier and may confront ideally with this two red wines. A culinary expert ought to dependably endeavor to coordinate a wine to the fixings in this pickle recipe, and lasagna recipe is not an exemption.





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