Best White Tea

White teas are known to be rich in antioxidants just like in green teas. Antioxidants promotes improves in many health condition. It improves the immune system, it lowers the cholesterol, and especially ih helps in reducing the weight, so this is best to combine with your diet everyday.

Having a smooth and fair skin can be achieved not just in many lotions or oil but it can be acquired through drinking of the white teas. It lessens the wrinkle and can be a protector to your skin away from sun damage.The content in white is known as to be very effective in replenishing the firmness of the skin.White teas are low in caffeine especially to those from Fujian,China.

I will give the list of white teas that we know are best and received high ratings from the customers and consumers.I hope this allow you to choose and enjoy the great taste of white tea.

1.Twinings Fujian Chinese Pure White Tea, 20-Count Tea Bags (Pack of 6)

This white tea create a light and very refreshing flavor that will make you feel relax and happy while drinking your cup of tea.This tea is carefully handed and processed to give the best quality of tea.You will no longer experience a hustle in preparing this tea.


  • It helps stomach ache
  • It has a minty flavor
  • It has a delicious and strong flavor
  • Recommended in some bronchial condition

2.Jocko White Tea (RELOAD 100 CT)

This Jocko White Tea is 100% natural and good for hot or cold drinks. It will refresh your feeling and will surely satisfy your tastebuds. It contains caffeine but not addictive. It has a great antioxidants content that allows your body to release all your toxins inside the body.


  • It has a pomegranate and lemon grass flavor
  • It brings a lot of energy to your body
  • Good substitute of coffee
  • The aroma is fantastic
  • Good tea to start your day

3.Best Leaf Tea- Silver Needle White Tea/ Bai Hao Yin Zhen/Top Loose Leaf Tea 80 Gram / 2.5Oz

If you’re looking for a lesser caffeine tea and at the same time 100% natural, you may consider this Best Leaf Tea- Silver Needle White Tea.The fresh fragrance and the lasting taste will surely captivates your heart.

This is mainly made from tea buds and has slight honey color which is said to be healthy and helpful to the body.

Brewing Process include:

  • Add 1 tsp of tea leaf in the pot with boiling water of about 200ml
  • Wait until leaves extended for about 3 minutes.
  • Relax and enjoy your tea


  • The quality of tea is high
  • Caffeine level is lesser
  • The tea is clean and fresh while brewing it
  • Possible to take it regularly
  • The packaged include a spoon made of wooden
  • You can brew up to 4 times and the taste is still the same, rich and full


4.Uncle Les’s Tea- Organic White Tea, premium organic White Tea in Tea Bags 100ct

This white tea is 100% natural and lesser caffeine that is best to serve as hot or cold drinks.This tea did not undergone any commercial fertilizers and pesticides during the process of growing it.

The flavor of this tea is mildly sweet and its complexity is unique.It includes 10 tea bags in one box.You can add some honey or sugar to adjust your taste according to your desire.


  • It offers a competitive price
  • It has a distinctive and delicious taste
  • It boost your energy level
  • Easy and convenient during travel
  • It improves your health and can be a remedy in stomach,regulates blood pressure,allowed to drink for pregnant women but best to consult your doctor.

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