Best Way To Make Tea

How To Properly Brew Your Tea

To some people tea is part of their daily routine. Without having a cup of tea a day is like a piece of them is missing. Tea lovers are said to be the most healthy drinker in the world because tea brings a lot to our health especially it is known to be a good cure to many illness.

They said that just like in Japanese it is simply a kind of exercise which actually do nothing but just boiling,preparing and serving.But don’t you know that having the best tea in a cup is also a matter of proper preparation?Yes,it should properly handed with knowledge and attention.

It is about the tea leaves,quantity and temperature of water,how long the infusion and the teapot used while brewing.I will be sharing some way of how you can create an exceptional tea drink that will surely satisfy yourself


You can use fresh and cold water just like purified or spring.These are best option because they don’t contain any pollutants that can cause problem later on.It is also best to use water with lots of minerals and nutrients because this will help to improve the flavor of the tea itself.

It is not advisable to use distilled water and water from the faucet because it is overheated and may likely to lose oxygen because it stays in the pipe  for a long time which can be harmful too.

The water should be gently boiled until the bacteria is gone.Water should be boiled until bubbles will appeared


Each kind of tea has its own level of temperature from green tea to black tea and many more.It is very critical to identify the proper temperature while its boiling.

  • GREEN TEA – needs to be cooler
  • Black tea – needs hotter temperature because of its oxidized and sweet characteristics


Same with temperature each tea has its own required infusion time. It is known to be very delicate and needs to watchful about this matter.

  • Green Tea – shorter brewing or infusion
  • Black Tea and Pu-erh Tea – Longer brewing or infusion


Choosing the right teapot for tea brewing is very important. It should be durable and the material used for the product should also in high quality because this will surely affect during the brewing process.

It is best known to use the material made from iron because it can consider higher time of heating. Or to those teas that only need cooler temperature it is best to use glass or porcelain.


I have listed the step by step process on how to properly brew your tea and that may result to a great cup of fresh brewed tea.

  • Gently boil a spring or purified water using your desired kettle
  • Put the boiled water to the suggested teapot
  • Add the desired amount of loose leaf tea
  • Cool the water and steep your tea according to your desired time of infusion
  • Use strainer and pour the tea directly to your cups.

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