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I have The Best Way To Make Iced Tea Perfect For A Summer Bonding

Summer is a perfect way for a family or friends getaway. But, sometimes, this will eventually wear you off no matter how fun you are experiencing. So, what is the best way to replenish you body from dehydration in the most satisfied way possibly? COLD beverages of course! Ok, some say sodas or any carbonated drinks can actually do that. But, are they healthy? Of course not. They will just satisfy our wants but won’t actually satisfy our needs to rehydrate. Ok, water is really really great but kind of plain and boring. So, what now? OK, for me, having your favorite blend of iced tea is more fun and healthy. Doing and having the best tea to use are very essential. But after that, you will get to enjoy the fruit of your labor and replenish your dehydrated body. So now, I will list down some of the nice tea to use in the best way to make iced tea.

  1. Lipton Gallon Sized Black Iced Tea Bags, Unsweetened, 48 Count

This tea is just perfect for everything, hot or cold. But this tea needs to be infused first before as a part of a good preparation. But first, we will need to know the ingredients we can use for this.

  • At least two tea bags
  • one pot of water
  • agave syrup
  • pure raw honey
  • any citrus flavor like lemon or orange
  • one teaspoon orange rind
  • one teaspoon lemon rind
  • mint leaves
  • an ample amount of ice cubes

So first, we need to infuse the tea bags in a hot pot of water. Then chill until it is cold enough to mix. After chilling, just put the other ingredients. Add some agave syrup, honey and the flavorings depending on your taste. After that, you may sprinkle it with the orange and lemon rinds and some min leaves. Put some ice cubes and ready to serve.

2. Lipton K-Cup Iced Herbal Tea K-Cups, Berry 10 ct (Pack of 6) 

Now this is one simple recipe for this tea since this already have a berry flavor. We just need to add an extra kick for this that is so perfect for an evening drink with your friends if you know what I mean…

What we will need:

  • one pack of this tea, you may add depending
  • water, amount also depends on you. ( note that everything will depend on you taste and how many people will drink this)
  • pure raw honey
  • at least two shot of bourbon or vodka, whichever you prefer
  • cube or tube ice
  • shaker

The procedure is just easy. Like I have said, you just mix it depending on you mood. You just have to mix everything and put some alcohol, adjust the honey level and you may add lots of ice and put this in a shaker. And voila! Done deal. Perfect for a summer evening.

3. Luzianne Specially Blended for Iced Tea, Decaffeinated Family Sized, 48-Count Tea Bags

Do you have trouble sleeping? But still want to drink iced tea because of a very hot weather? Well, this tea product is perfect for you and your family. Here is a simple but perfect recipe for you!

  • Hot water to dilute the tea evenly
  • agave syrup
  • grenadine
  • lemon syrup
  • raspberry syrup
  • cinnamon powder
  • ice cubes or tube ice

We need to dilute the tea to a hot water along with a half a teaspoon of the cinnamon powder for an even taste. After that, we need to chill this for some hours. When this is already chilled, we put on some lemon syrup, raspberry syrup, grenadine and mix well until everything is incorporated. After that, put one some agave syrup, the amount of it depends on you and mix with ice cubes or tube ice and serve.

4. Twinings Fujian Chinese Pure White Tea, 20-Count Tea Bags (Pack of 6)

This white tea has got a simple yet delicate taste. This is perfect for a nice iced tea with a twist. And by twist, I mean adding some alcohol of your choice. Yes, this is so perfect for a summer noon time or afternoon time drinking with your friends. Here is the recipe:

  • three tea bags of white tea
  • one glass large size pitcher
  • at least five shots of russian vodka
  • agave syrup
  • pure raw honey
  • blue curacao
  • raspberry syrup
  • blueberry syrup
  • cherry jam, just one teaspoon
  • cube ice
  • mint leaves to top

Ok, so what we normally do is we infuse the tea bags, chill, mix everything depending on your preference, may may add each of the ingredients, your choice. Add some ice top with cherry jam and mint leaves then serve.

5. Pure Leaf Iced Tea Bags, Black Tea with Peach 16 ct, 6 pack 

Ok, so this will be just the easiest one we are going to do since it already has a flavor. A simple iced tea mix will do for this. We do not want to overpower the peach flavor so we will just add some ingredients to make this taste more appealing.

  • diluted tea bags, at least two (this already tastes bitter but delicious)
  • one large glass pitcher
  • pure raw honey
  • lemon syrup
  • crushed mint leaves, get the puree
  • crushed ice

Since this recipe is very simple, the procedure will also be simple to do. Put the diluted tea bags in the prepared glass pitcher. mix the pure raw honey, lemon syrup, mint leaves puree and add the crushed ice and serve while it is cold. Enjoy!




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