Best Way to Drink Green Tea

We all know that green tea brings a lot to our health. It’s like a magic potion that will allow you to restore your health if you have taken it.This great antioxidant tea will absolutely protect your health and reduce the risk of some health issues. Like it helps reduce weight, improves dental health, reduce wrinkle and other heat issues.


If drinking green tea often it will surely help your lifestyle healthy and happy. Green tea can be order in some restaurants and cafe or you can even make it by yourself. Its contents are beneficial to one’s health so drinking it often is safer because of its qualities and the power of losing weight.


This green tea can be a good substitute of coffee. Aside from its rich flavor, it brings good vibes to the body inside that will allow you to go through the whole day.


One of the well known nutritional consultant Ranjani Raman stated two(2) proper ways of how to drink and consume your “green tea”. You may want to consider them to experience the most of your green tea can offer.

1.Take up 2-3 cups everyday of green tea because it has an antioxidant compound namely tannins and flavonoids. Tannins are compound that can make you relax and calm.Tannins are also responsible in the tea color and its bitterness.Flavonoids are good antioxidants that will help you remove and excrete the radicals inside your body that can cause  diseases.


Excessive intake of these 2 compounds can result to toxic that will damage the liver.Do not drink more than to the maximum cup of tea allowed everyday.


2.Do not drink green tea if you’re stomach is empty. Drinking tea without a proper meal may result to imbalance of stomach.This may also give you trouble later on if you’re having stomach acid issues.This illness is very uncomfortable so it should be treated properly and avoid food that will trigger its disease.

Green teas are potential as remedy to many illnesses. Its exceptional benefits and effects of the body has been proven and tested for many years now. It reduce the risk and away from cancer,heart diseases,cholesterol level,diabetes, and other inflammation.

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