Best Types of Tea When Sick

Colds and Flu are both irritating if you have one. It seems that your world has stop and you just want to stay in the bed sleeping and lying all day long. Sickness is like you want to vomit and sometimes accompanied by headache and other uncomfortable senses.

There are times that if you can’t take the feeling you will have the idea of going to the clinic and consult your doctor. But sometimes some sickness is just a hot tea away. Here I will give you some thoughts of possible teas you can make if you’re not feeling well. You can actually save the money that you’re going to spend with all those medicines in the pharmacy compare to these tea below. Take note many claimed the effectiveness of these tea

1.Hibiscus Tea

This may sound strange but this hibiscus tea is full of Vitamin C which is very helpful to colds and other kinds of simple illness. You will definitely not regret each serving of this tea because that is the equivalent of water dosage that you need everyday.

It does not contain any caffeine and you can have it anytime as much as you can. This hibiscus tea will completely take all the misery of being sick.


  • Ease stomach ache
  • It allows proper blood circulation
  • Known to be a good remedy for vomit,nausea, and UTI
  • Improves cardiovascular and reduce the risk of cancer

2.Ginger Tea

If you’re suffering is like nausea this tea is best for you. This is very known to all of us that ginger tea can help ease stomach ache. It also cures headache and you will likely feel of being relax and calm.

A cup of tea will extremely helpful if you have flu this will take all the bumpy feeling you have inside your body. You will find the taste of this tea very soothing, ideal before bedtime. This will permit you bo


  • Helps drive away the nausea
  • Helps relieve pain and inflammation
  • Helps soothe menstrual cramps  
  • Reduce bloating
  • It helps a lot if you have sore throat  

3.Chamomile Tea

Drinking this tea will make you sleep and feel calm down. This chamomile tea found by England researchers that it helps a lot to those who has colds and flu. Some studies also found out that it helps to those have migraines.


  • Boost Immune system
  • Reduce the risk of diabetes
  • Helps you calm and relax
  • Ease the pain in stomach
  • Allows you to sleep well
  • Relieves rheumatism
  • Allows proper functioning of liver

4.Rosehip Tea

The nutrients inside this Rosehip tea is close to hibiscus tea which is the VItamin C. It is a strong agent of fighting infections and other simple illness. This very healthful flower bulb is small but has a great effect to your body when in take.

This Rosehip Tea is also known as best for pregnant women because of its vitamins. This tea may also enjoy to those people want to boost their immune system as well.

This Rosehip tea will definitely perfect to include in the list for your tea station in your home.


  • Boost immune system
  • Reduce the risk of diabetes,osteoporosis, and other cardiovascular disease
  • Gives proper blood circulation
  • Prevents cancer
  • Lessens wrinkles

5.Green Tea

Green Tea is known to many people which is best drinks to those who have simple illness. The numerous benefits of this tea will generally help your mood improves well.

Drinking green tea may help you a lot if you’re sick ,this will permit you to recover faster and very effective in distressing.


  • Flights Allergy and depression
  • Improves memory and skin health
  • Reduce body fats
  • Keep blood sugar level in check

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