Best Temperature for Red Wine

The Best Temperature for Red Wine

Most of the wine lovers serve their red wines at an ideal temperature and most of the white wines will go directly from the cooler. However, did anyone told you that is it right to store wines in that temperature? This is all appears somewhat ambiguous. Would it be advisable for you to ever put your most favorite reds on icebox? Does serving temperature make much more issue? The proper temperature for serving your red wines will enable you to appreciate it more. It’s simple to consider the warmthness of wines has a small impact on its flavor. So, if you love to drink wines every weekend, it is ideal to know first the right temperature to serve it more delicious and tasty!


We usually make a mistake when it comes in proper storing of our most favorite red wines. Actually, we should need to follow the right room temperature with regards to wine. Usually, the temperature involves interminable exchange, yet it’s protected to state that most in serving reds may too warm, and white wine may excessively frosty. For example, Syrahs require a touch of warmth to express their fabulous unpleasant, peppery aromatics. The perfect temperature ought to be something like 65% F, barely short of room temperature.

Presently, red wines ought to be put away around 55% F, if you can oversee it. So, if you need to give your syrah a perfect temperature, hotter is awesome than room temperature, and you’ll most likely begin noticing more liquor in the wine; a lot of cooler and the wine will taste dry. It might sound basic, yet the most vital factor influencing your wine is to serve it with appropriate temperature.

At the point when white wine is excessively chilly, it doesn’t enable the flavors and aromatics to show to their maximum capacity, and acridity can assume control so you can’t taste the subtleties of the wine. Also, when a red is too warm the liquor indicates too forcefully and the wine can victory and turn out different.

How is temperature important in serving red wines?


Most people when it comes to serving wines sometimes they even ignore it. Serving temperature is critical and pivotal to opening the full flavor and fragrances of a wine. Remember that each wine has a perfect serving temperature and the one isn’t appropriate for all. The following is our guide demonstrating the temperatures (˚F and ˚C) which we feel are perfect to serve a wide range of wines.

Wines                                                            Fahrenheit                                   Celcius

Vintage Port                                                     66˚F                                           19˚C
Bordeaux, Shiraz                                             64˚F                                           18˚C
Red Burgundy, Cabernet                               63˚F                                           17˚C
Rioja, Pinot Noir                                             61˚F                                            16˚C
Chianti, Zinfandel                                           59˚F                                           15˚C
Tawny/NV Port                                               57˚F                                            14˚C
Beaujolais, Rosé                                              54˚F                                            12˚C
Viognier, Sauternes                                        52˚F                                            11˚C
Chardonnay                                                     48˚F                                            9˚C
Riesling                                                             47˚F                                            8˚C

Most full-bodied red wines tend to taste best at temperatures near room temperature – however, recollect that ‘room temperature’ isn’t really an indistinguishable thing including the temperature of the real room you’re in when you serve the wine. Along these lines, if you can chill them to the temperatures above. White wine is typically served icy to keep it at an ideal temperature. Once more, it merits checking the correct necessities previously you drink from your picked bottle.

What is the ideal temperature for Red Wine?


The ideal temperature to sip your most favorite reds relies upon the sort of red wines you choose. For example, robust reds have a higher tannin and it is ought to serve hotter compared to lower tannin such as light-bodied wines to medium-bodied wines. This implies that when the wine is cold it has more the tannins, and wines have more sharpness this will progress toward becoming as far as it tastes. A wine with higher tannins ought to subsequently be served somewhat hotter.

This will cover the causticity so different fragrances and flavors can be discharged which will have a critical positive effect on your sense of taste. On the other hand, wines with low tannin substances ought to be served somewhat chilled in light of the fact that there are few tannins that end up overpowering. A low temperature additionally stifles the kind of the liquor to enabling you to all the more completely appreciate alternate components of the wine.

Serving Tips

  • If you are uncertain to serve the wine for a couple of degrees cooler than room temperature. This will permit the arrival of rich and great fragrances as the wine warms up to the room temperature.
  • Emptying wine will likewise convey it up to room temperature and this enables wine to relax.
  • Wines ought to dependably be poured towards inside of the wine glass.
  • Sparkling wines ought to be poured against the side of the glass to safeguard the air pockets.
  • No wine ought to ever be served more than 20˚C (68˚F).
  • The shape of the wine glass is essential. Wineware has a ‘What Are Wine Tasting Glasses’ guide to advise you on the appropriate glassware for your wine.
  • The form of the wine glass is also important. It has a manual for prompt you on the fitting dish sets for your wine.
  • If you are facilitating a supper gathering it is constantly essential to make sure to serve wine in the right request. You should attempt and serve lighter wines previously full-bodied wines, and serve chilled wines before those at room temperature.
  • If you don’t complete a jug of wine there are various approaches to conserve your wine, for example, using wine bottle plugs, wine shields, wine pumps and argon gas. These protection strategies are financially savvy and guarantee wine does not get squandered.


  1. What temperature is the most ideal for red wine? If you prefer Bordeaux it should be 64% F, or 18% C, but all kinds of red wines have different temperature.
  2. is there any option to know the temperature of my red wines? Yes, there are two options to know the temperature of your wines, one is the wine thermometer and the other one is the using the temperature fridge

Bottom Line

Most of us heard that red wine is best to serve at right room temperature. Regardless of whether red wine should be chilled, it’s served. The ideal temperature at which different wines ought to be served. Things being what they are the temperature at which you drink your wine can hugely affect the general smell and taste profile. Some say that it can have such a major effect, to the point that a similar wine served at various temperatures can suggest a flavor like a totally extraordinary wine. That is the reason it’s so essential to serve it at simply the appropriate temperature.



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