Best Teas for Health

Top 5 Best Herbal Tea for Your Health

Teas have been helpful for many years especially in the health of a lot of people.We cannot deny that drinking tea brings a lot to your health.It maybe just a plant but  it’s so powerful that it can heal many diseases.From severe to minor cases it eases the pain and gives relief to the body.

There are a lot of varieties of tea from green tea,black tea,white tea,and Oolong tea.All this teas came from a plant leaves called “Camellia Sinensis”.Then again,these teas are mainly from a dried flowers,fruits,herbs and spices.

You will surely enjoy the different but delicious taste of these tea since it can be served as hot or cold and will certainly satisfies your cravings.Some of these tea has been widely used as remedy and cure health condition too.

Here I will be discussing about the top 5 teas you may want to enjoy and make it as apart of your diet.

1.Chamomile Tea

It is known to be the most calming tea and a good remedy if you’re having trouble in sleeping. It is best to drink before bedtime and can absolutely give you a restful night.

Some studies has proven that chamomile extracts has proven as best relief to women experiencing sleeping problem because of postpartum.It is said that after 2 weeks of drinking chamomile tea regularly it helps to improve the quality of sleep and has a lower level of depression.

And with cases in insomnia chamomile tea acts as best aid because its taste gives a calming and relaxing effect to one’s body leading them to have a good night sleep.

It also acts as antibacterial and known to be as a protector drink to the liver and other inflammation cause by some instances.


Evidences has been proven and supported that chamomile tea is a good remedy to many illnesses and can be best to your health especially in sleeping.

2.Peppermint Tea

Are you looking for the best remedy to any digestive parts of the body?Well,peppermint tea is the best answer to this

It acts as antioxidant,reduce the risk of cancer,it can also act as natural antibacterial or anti viruses to the body and can boost your immune system at its best if taken often.

It can also relieves nausea,vomit and stomach upset.Peppermint tea has a natural oil that is very effective in helping Irritable bowel movement or IBS


Peppermint tea is best for any digestive issues.It can also a good remedy if you’re having hard in your bowel movement because of its natural oil that helps improve the condition.

3.Ginger Tea

This spicy but refreshing drink has all the goodness inside it because it can help fight many diseases and can be a good source of antioxidants.

This tea also helps in aiding nausea and act as anti-inflammatory that can stimulate in boosting your immune system.

A lot of studies found that it can be very helpful to women during their menstrual period because it can ease the pain of dysmenorrhea and other menstrual cramps.


Ginger tea also considered the best natural tea in the world that can cure a lot of health issues.Also this tea is widely used as remedy to ease the pain during menstruation.

4.Hibiscus Tea

The flowery and delicious tea that can be prepared easily is come from a hibiscus plant that can be found a lot in your area.

Aside from its delicious and refreshing taste this can be served as antibacterial drink in your body.It can surely improve your immune system leading to fight back those viruses that can be resulted to cold and flu.

It can be good to on people who has high blood pressure.And that it will regulate the circulation of the blood in your body.


Hibiscus tea can be used as antibacterial to the body and reduce the risk of high blood that may lead to stroke.This can be taken up to 4 cups a day.

5.Echinacea Tea

Again just like hibiscus tea this can also good for fighting colds and flu.It alleviates the immune system and gives energy to the body.

You can take this tea if you feel a sore throat or cough is coming.You just need to boil a fresh water.Use at least 3-4 pieces of it.Boiled according to your desired taste.Then strain and pour in your cup.You can drink this tea from 1-3 cups a day.

However,it is said to be that some studies are not proven and tested that this tea gives remedy to colds and flu but can be helpful as remedy.It maybe best to visit your physician before taking this tea to consult if it’s advisable in your health especially if you any medical health condition.


This tea is a good for prevention to coming colds and flu.And can easily heal for a short period of time.But still it is still best to ask a help from your doctor to make sure that there’s no side effect about it.

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