Best Tea in the World

Tea is the most consumed drinks around the world. Because of its natural taste and the best nutritional effect to your body you will surely love consuming it everyday and will become part of your daily drinks.

Tea is like 99.9% water but it can be stress reliever, reduce the risk of many diseases from simple to complicated ones. And of course the best way to lose your weight is drinking tea often together with proper eating and exercise. It has no caffeine, some teas suppresses the appetite, and absolutely calorie free.

The popularity of drinking tea is not new to everyone. It is entirely consumed in any parts of the world from Europe, America, to Asian countries.

I’ll be listing here the best tea in the world. But don’t be astonished about the price it’s a bit pricey but you will surely not regret the taste.

1.Tieguanyin Tea

This tea is one the premium tea from China. This tea is fall from the category of green and black tea. The price of this tea is a bit high ranging from $3000 per gram.

But you will never be disappointed because it produces the taste of soft,warm and very soothing minerals that will satisfy your feelings. The flavor of the tea can be enjoyed or use for up to 7 times. This tea can literally stock in your senses. It has also a full and balanced taste that gives  a lovely feeling to every tea drinker.

In every sip of this tea it will surely play in some of your senses.

  • Sight: It produces a golden liquid and it has a thicker and brighter leaves.
  • Sound: It creates a perfect ring sound upon pouring the water with tea.
  • Smell: It has a unique flavor of chestnut when brewed
  • Taste: The richness of its flavor will surely captivates your entire tasting sensation.
  • Touch: It’s crispy to touch

2.Gyokuro Tea

This tea is a Japanese kind of tea and is considered as one of the highest grades of tea.Gyokuro tea brings all the health benefits that a tea can give. It serves as the best antioxidant and help releases some radicals in the body.It helps in reducing the risk of cancer and may treat ailments like diabetes, heart problems, other digestives issue.

You may want to consult your physician before consuming gyokuro tea because it contains caffeine that may trigger high blood pressure and cause of sleep disorder for some people.

This tea can be sell for about $65 per 100 grams. Though a bit pricey but you will definitely love the effect and taste of this tea.

3.Da Hong Pao Tea

The popularity of this legendary tea way back 18th century is still remember until today because it’s a history to many Chinese.The worth of tea is more than gold.

You will surely love the taste of this tea because after sipping it from the cup the taste will remain for how many minutes which makes this tea very exceptional among those other teas.

This tea is also known to be rare because trees from this tea are just few and hardly to find.

4.Panda dung Tea

“Dung” is actually a “poop”. Yes this tea is from the poop of Pandas!. This is the best secret of this tea. Pandas only eat bamboos and 30% of the nutrients will go to their body and the other 70% will excrete out from its body. Though it’s a gross, thinking that it comes from Panda poop but don’t be bothered about it your body will surely get all the nutritional benefits of this famous tea.

An instance from China that an entrepreneur makes that poop of Panda as a fertilizer and grow some tea leaves in mountains. It fertilizes the leaves and boom! the flavor is perfect and just right to your taste.

5.Yellow Gold Tea Buds

This amazing tea will surely amaze your senses because of the unique and distinct characteristics. As this tea grows it literally painted by some gold flakes. It said to be that a small amount of gold is good for the health.

This tea only grows to one mountain around the world and it can be harvested only once a year. This tea is very precious because it produces aroma that is fine, the sweetness is just right, And the leaves exactly infuses aftertaste upon drinking the tea.

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