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Is Smoking Tea A Thing Now? What Are The Best Tea To Smoke?

Well,  like they often say, cigarette smoking is very very bad and dangerous to your health. People nowadays have invented this electronic cigarette which other people say that are not really safe. Well, some people who really wants to smoke, they just go for the possible alternatives they can find. What began being mainstream now is the tea smoking. I don’t really know who made this happen but I hear people doing this for safer and healthier reasons, I think. Ok, so, I have researched something regarding this newly invented thing for me. And I have found out about the best tea to smoke that you can usually find sitting on your countertop or you can also fine on the internet.

  1. Tealyra – Tropical Relax – Chamomile and Pineapple – Herbal Tea with South African Rooibos Tea – Loose Leaf Relax Tea – Blend – Caffeine-Free – 100g (3.5-ounce)

I really find this tea product so safe for me to use without giving up my vices. It is way more relaxing and more safe than the cigarettes that does have a lot of nicotine contents. This nicotine contents which are really bad and can cause serious illnesses and other diseases.

I just love the smell of this tea. The chamomile is a relaxing stuff that makes me want to just rest and sleep for a while and it does actually give me the satisfaction along with the smell of the fruity pineapple blend and just make a cup of tea whenever you are tired of smoking it. This is really great and awesome!

2. Green Yerba Mate Tea, Smoke-Free, All-natural, Organically Grown Mate from Brazil, Wild Tea #4, Loose Leaf Mate From Brazil (8 ounce)

This one is organic and I think the  safe way to smoke. It literally has just got some herbs to I know this is one healthy thing and will be a very nice substitute for a nicotine based cigarette and with this loose tea, you can wrap this up real good and won’t have to worry because this stuff is really legal.

Good thing is that I can find this anywhere without hiding. I mean, this is just a tea and no harmful substances and just contains organic thing and smells really good. I have tried this and thought that this could be a really nice replacement for my very bad vice which is smoking nicotine based cigars. I would recommend this to my friends who also wants to quit smoking. I think this will do the trick.

3. Gunpowder Green Tea – Chinese Temple of heaven Tea – Loose Leaf Pellet Tea From China – Zhu Cha

This tea has got some intense taste. I really like this when my friend got this for me from an Asian country she visited. I simply love the aroma and that was the time I was thinking of quitting my cigarette smoking. This is the same reason why my friend bought me this so I could cleanse and eventually just quit smoking. And then I have found out that this has got a better use. Which is also good for smoking.

I never expected this would be so effective and feels like I am smoking the same but I am not. This one is safer because this is healthier and does not have any nicotine content. I feel like my lungs are clearing out and they are more cheap that buying a pack of cigarette. This is totally cool and more legal. I have searched this thing online and seems like a lot of people are also doing this and just got no side effects.

4. Evening Primrose Tea Bags Lapsang Souchong Blend With A Hint Of Mint 25 Pack

I am really addicted to this mint tea. At first, I bought this because my friends are coming over and they love tea so much. They were coming from a support group who wants to quit smoking. This was the time when they have found something interesting which is making this tea a smoke. So what they did is they have tried it and found out that it smells even more nice because of its minty presence.

I am really not a smoker buy an avid fan of tea which makes me a tea drinker. But my friends asked me to try smoking this just for an experience. When i did tried it, I was so surprised because it really smells good and somehow relaxing. I never thought I would see the day. Though I am not religiously smoking this but it helps me clear out my lungs and this feels really nice and safe. I would totally recommend this.

5. Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea – Premium Flavor 100% Organic Green Tea Jasmine Pearls Loose Leaf Tea Hand Rolled – 4 ounces/ 113 grams

My friends came to me one day and asked if I have researched the advantages of smoking tea instead of nicotine based cigarettes. I said no so when there were at my house, we did some research and found out they were safe and does not have any bad side effects. Also, the fact that these are from the tea we usually drink, this make this more relaxing. So what we did is that we took a tablespoon of this loose leaf tea and wrapped it up and smoked it and it really smells great and fresh.

Well, this does smells like flowers. Jasmine scent to be exact. It has got this aroma that you can also smell when drinking this tea, Well, as for me,I prefer both. I am so surprised on how this method actually works for me as when I smoke this, I can feel that my lungs are more clearer and I can breathe easily and nicely since I am asthmatic. This actually works well for me and I can say that I am so happy  I have found out about this and never in my whole life that I would actually try to smoke, but certainly in a good and healthy way. This is great for people who wants to quit smoking.


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