Best Tea for Losing Weight

Best Tea for Losing Weight 2018

We always wanted to stay fit and healthy.A lot of food,drinks and pills are available nowadays to achieve your w\desired figure.There are also program who are offering a lot to cut down some weight in your body.

However,there a lot of things that you need to consider like its safeness or it it’s not really harmful to the body.Most people drink different kinds of tea just help them reduce some weight and at the same time balancing the beneficial effect on the body.

I will be writing them here the different variety of tea you can have and wil totally your best pair in losing weight. And while enjoying the drink you will also get all the good benefits from those teas.


1.Green Tea

This very popular tea will surely help you lose weight in just a matter of 12 weeks.This is best to drink while doing your work out and accompanied by proper eating right food.Study shows that those who drink 4 cups a day of green tea will most likely reduce 2 or more lbs.compared to those who don’t drink. It can also boost by just having a 25 minute exercise a day.

The element found in green tea which believes that the best agent is called Catechins, which can surely cut down the fats in your belly.You may consider buying these green teas at Amazon.This are based on my own suggestion.


  • Bigelow Classic Green Tea Bags
  • Jade Leaf Matcha Green Tea Powder
  • Lipton Green Tea, 100 Percent Natural 100 ct
  • Kirkland Signature Ito En Matcha Blend
  • Tazo Zen Green Tea


2.Oolong Tea

This tea is known to boost your metabolism and it taste light and it has a floral flavor that will make it more exciting to drink.It is best for weight loss and can also boost your immune system.Fats can be eliminate faster because of the active ingredient just like in green tea.

Study shows that sipping oolong tea will likely cut about 6 lbs for 6-week time period.You may want to buy oolong tea at Amazon and enjoy its goodness to the body.


  • Teabox Exotic Organic Assam Oolong Tea
  • Prince of Peace Organic Tea, Oolong
  • Prince of Peace Oolong Tea
  • Bigelow Oolong Tea Bags
  • Oolong Loose Tea Leaves, Ali Shan Taiwan High Mountain Tea Organic


3.Mint Tea

One of the best tea you can have for a slimmer body are mint teas.These tea can surely suppress appetite and will help you maintain your weight. Mint teas are known to be so refreshing drink and can be so relaxing and calming to the feeling.

Study shows that people who drink mint teas every 2 hours a day will also lost at least 5 lbs every month.It has a little of caffeine in it that can also boost your energy.The following mint teas that are available in Amazon and that you will benefit its side effects to your body resulting to a slimmer you.


  • Twinings Pure Peppermint Herbal Tea
  • Stash Tea Super Mint Herbal Tea
  • Harney & Sons Peppermint Herbal Fine Classic Tea Tin – Caffeine-Free Herbal
  • Bigelow Mint Medley Herbal Tea Bags
  • Stash Tea Peppermint Herbal Tea


4.White Tea

These kind of teas are dried and is properly handled and processed producing to it finest and richest tea you can have. This tea is known to be good as an antioxidant to the body.

White teas are known to be active agent in cutting down your waistline so this is best to drink if you want a slimmer belly that you will surely love and flaunt it.You can drink these different white teas from Amazon.


  • Teabox Darjeeling Silver Needle White Tea
  • Uncle Les’s Tea- Organic White Tea
  • The Republic Of Tea Emperor’s 100% White Tea
  • Choice Organic White Peony Tea


5.Rooibos Tea

This best tea for slimming is come from Africa and best to drink if you want to have a flat belly.It has a unique and intense flavor of Aspalathin.This element improves to lower the stress level and fats in the body.

It is said to be that drinking this tea can surely reduce your weight in just a couple of few weeks.It surely suppress your food craving and increase faster metabolism.

You can buy rooibos tea at Amazon with very reasonable price and is very effective in trimming your body.


  • Rooibos Tea, USDA Certified Organic Tea, MY RED TEA
  • Twinings Tea Red African Rooibos Tea
  • Davidson’s Tea Bulk, Organic South African Rooibos
  • Numi Organic Tea Rooibos, Caffeine Free Herbal Teasan



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