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Itchy Throat? No Worries, We Got The Best Tea For That

Having an itchy throat is so irritating. Especially when you are talking to someone, by that someone, it can also mean someone you have been eyeing out in a while. And suddenly, your throat starts to itch and next thing is that you will be coughing nonstop. Well, that would be the most embarrassing thing that could happen to you and also to everyone. What causes itchy throat? Well, having a constant dry throat is the way to have an itchy throat. Like when you are talking nonstop, or just went to some coughing. There are in fact many possible reasons you can consider. But the thing is, what is the best possible solution to somehow ease up the feeling of an itchy throat? Just water? Yes, water does that. But for me, Hot water with some tea will ease it up even more. There are some best tea for throat that I have listed down and would like to recommend to all of you.

  1. Traditional Medicinals Tea Throat Coat

I totally love this tea because of its medicinal values. I am constantly suffering from an intense sore throat due to my allergic rhinitis and I have been drinking medicines but does not take the itchy throat away. My mom usually drinks this stuff and recommended this to me. I have been drinking this for some time now and have noticed that my sore throat is beginning to heal and there are no more itchy throat.

I just love the idea that this one clams my itchy throat very fast. I do not want to rely most of the time in drinking medicines as they can also cause so side effects so I just prefer to just stick to drinking tea and this is way cheaper that buying medicines all the time. My allergic rhinitis was also being cured in the process and I just love how this works for me. I would totally recommend this.

2. Yogi Tea, Ginger, 16 Count (Pack of 6), Packaging May Vary

This wonderful tea does what they claim they will do. Based on my situation, as my personal point of view, I really do find it to be very subtle. This tea does not even cause some serious tummy ache before finally  doing its other duties, at least just in my case as I have said. For other people that have tried this with not the same super bad effect, so I really do think just be for certain people.

The taste is really amazing, and definitely helps you also with your sore throat. I have been battling this for some months now and it is so killing me. My entire family really does love this ginger flavored tea. In fact, I usually make fresh ginger tea and this is as close as you can get to make or get fresh ginger and the root. You guys should totally buy this one. Will help you for sure.

3. Bali’s Best Classic Iced Tea Candy – 42 pieces – 5.3 Oz

Well, although this is in a candy form but I enjoy to soak this in a hot cup of water and just get at least three to four pieces depending on my taste buds and the effect I want it to have. I have tried this when I was in need of something to calm my itchy throat and I did not find any tea bags around and I saw this one and thought that maybe I can use this. Well, I was able to and it was awesome.

You just have to wait for it to dissolve and you may add some more if you want. I have tried this and was contented with the effect it literally did on my throat. Now I feel relieved and I do not feel anymore itchy and dry throat. This is definitely the best one that I have tried. I will recommend this to my family and friends.

4. Floral Lemon Rooibos Tea | ROOIBOS LIMON 1.6 Ounce Pouch by TIESTA TEA | Caffeine Free | Loose Leaf Herbal Tea Immunity Blend | Non-GMO

I bought this on an instant due to my sore throat and I have not regretted it yet. It is very delicious and relaxing with a great tin can to keep the freshness in it. This is definitely recommended for everyone to try. This is a really fruity tea indeed. The package bag was much fit than other Tiesta tea I have used, and but I just blend them with some other fruity tasting tea and other Tiesta teas or the Hibiscus one.

This is so delicious and amazingly refreshing. The aroma i smell from this tea is so fantastic in both when you are opening the tin can and drinking straight the tea. Since it already tastes so fruity, you do not have to put on some milk or honey to taste. They were amazingly blended and carefully made.

5. Basilur | Ginger Tea | With Real Bits of Ginger | Throat Therapy | Single Origin Ceylon Black Tea | 20 Count Foil Enveloped | Pack of 6

I really like how it was nicely packed and they look so convenient yet classy to use. It does seem like they are always fresh when you use it because of the package is I think recyclable and has got a designer packaging. I heard this was good. This product came from Sri Lanka and this was also garden fresh.

The flavor of this tea so robust, and has got a hint of ginger and I think this makes the sore throat to just suppress and also they have medicinal values like it has flavonoids and antioxidants which helps you boost your immune system. This tea has got its distinct aroma which everyone likes and I do too myself. I will definitely recommend this to my mom who is in her senior so that she could have a very healthy immune system.


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