Best Tea for Cold Drinks

Cold drinks are seems to be good and refreshing especially when you’re relaxing. It is also important to know that while you’re enjoying the drinks you should be aware that it’s healthy and vigorous to the health.

Tea is known to be the best healthy drink you can take. You can intake them anytime of the day and as much as you can. But of course weather is a factor sometimes. It is best to drink cold fluids when it is summer and when the temperature is really hot.

You may want to consider some of the best teas for cold drinks and that will make your amaze of the taste.

1.Pomegranate and Lime Iced Tea

This very dazzling Pomegranate and Lime Iced Tea is originally prepared with fruits and other herbs. You can enjoy the benefits of the ingredients of this refreshments mainly rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that is best for reducing some illness.

This Iced cold tea is best for barbeque and other party foods.


  • Reduce the risk of heart disease,cancer, and ageing.
  • Boost the immune system of the body


  • 5 cups of water
  • 3/4 cup pomegranate juice
  • 5 tea bags
  • 3 limes, thinly sliced with extra garnish
  • Plenty of ice


Pour water into a pitcher. Add the tea bag and let it steep. Then after allow it to cool in the refrigerator. Add the pomegranate juice, limes, and sugar and pour over ice.

2.Classic Sweet Tea

This classic Sweet Tea will definitely soak in your taste buds. This is best serve to anyone because it is easily prepared and the ingredients are easily available in your kitchen.

The taste of this tea is really flavorful that will allow you to want it more.


  • Boost the immune system in the body
  • Improves the energy level of your body


  • 4 tea bags of regular tea
  • A cup of iced water
  • A cup of iced cubes
  • 2 tablespoon of honey
  • Lemon at least half of it



  • Place the teabags in the pitcher


  • Put water into boiling and put the tea bags and let it steep
  • Remove tea bags and put some lemon
  • Stir the tea and let it cool down
  • Serve with iced cube

3.Lemonade Iced Tea

This very delicious citrus tea is served right to you for just preparing it in 15 minutes.Every savor and sip of this tea will make you feel relax and satisfying. The taste is very refreshing especially during summer.

You can actually reduced the actual sweetness according to your taste. This drinks is also best served not just part in your daily servings but also any parties. You will surely love the outstanding taste of this Iced Tea and would always want it.


  • Source of flavonoids,fluoride and manganese
  • Best to those who experienced dehydration
  • Low in sugar and calories


  • 4 cups of water
  • 3 family tea bags
  • Piece of mint leaves
  • ¾ cup of sugar
  • Concentrated lemonade


Boil the 4 cups of water and add the tea bag on it. Add the sugar according to your taste and stir it. Put some concentrated lemonade and served it with iced.

4.Mint Tea

This fresh mint tea is best served after a heavy meal. Best pair with Moroccan foodies. This mint tea increase the overall health condition yin your body. It makes you feel relaxed and improves your digestion process.


  • Improves dental health
  • Help you reduce weight
  • Help you feel relax when tense and stress
  • Will help you ease the feeling of bloated


  • Boiled Water
  • Chinese tea
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • ⅓ cup of sugar


Boil the water  and put the tea and let it steep. Add the sugar and mint and stir it. Then serve immediately with iced.

5.Peach Iced Tea

This tea is exactly a combination of brewed tea and lime juice,sugar and a canned of peach.This enticing peach Iced Tea will make your afternoon break great!


  • Help you feel relax when tense and stress
  • Less caffeine
  • Antioxidants


  • 11.5 ounce of canned peach
  • Brewed tea
  • A cup of sugar
  • Lemon juice


You just need to combine all the ingredients and stir it. Then put full iced cubes on it and serve.

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