Best Tea to Drink before Bedtime

Tea is the type of drinks that will totally change, enhance and rejuvenate your body after taking it. Taking tea everyday is like a food for your soul which is very beneficial inside and outside in your body.

If you start your day with a tea then it’s very helpful if you end up drinking your tea before bed time.And it is widely know that people who drink tea before bed are the ones who sleep well.

Here I will discuss the best teas to drink for you to enjoy an all night long of sleeping. I bet you want to consider all of these.

1.Alvita Tea Bags, Valerian Root, Caffeine Free, 24 tea bags (Pack of 3)

This tea promotes a good night sleep without any bad effects to your health. This can be take everyday as much as you can. This tea has the richness and greatness of a herbal taste.

This tea has potential in taking care of those having problem in sleeping.This also helps your joints and muscles relax.



  • It reduce bloating
  • This tea a caffeine free
  • Soothing to stomach upset
  • It helps ease asthma
  • It helps bowel movement
  • It thickens my hair

2.Magnolia Bark / Hou Po 1lb Bulk Herb by Nuherbs

This magnolia bark tea is known to treat those who have nervous issues. And it is also best for those people who have difficulties in sleeping.It has an active element called “magnolol” that acts like a calming agent.

This tea also brings various health benefits to human being. It also reduce in gaining weight, it prevents respiratory issues like bronchitis, asthma and simple coughing, it is also an agent of reducing anxiety and stress.


  • It helps in the relief of menstrual pain
  • Prevention of cancer
  • The barks are fresh
  • Improves and enhance liver condition


3.Organic Linden Leaf & Flower Dried ~ 1 Ounce Bag ~ Tilia europaea

This linden leaf tea helps in sleeping disorder like insomnia. It has a calming effect that will allow you to have a restful sleep.

It is best in detoxification, reduce the risk of cancer, it stimulates proper digestion,and aid in anxiety.


  • I am happy and satisfied with the result .It is found to be effective.

4.3 PACK Tadin Tea, Pasiflora – Passion Flower Tea, 72 Tea Bags – Relax Mind Muscle Pasiflora

Passion flower is also a kind of herb that ease the problem about sleeping. It is proven that this herb promotes calmness. This tea is best to drink regularly to achieve the deeper and restful sleep every night.

This 100% natural relieves all the muscle and joint pain.This powerful plant herbs helps to balance the nervous system.


  • A good remedy for those having difficulties in sleeping
  • It will not make you drowsy and enough to relax your mind
  • Taste wonderful

5.Lost Empire Herbs Schisandra 5:1 Organic Concentrate(30g)

This herb is traditionally came from Chinese. This tea helps in many health issues in the body including the lack of sleep. This berries also contain an element that helps to reduce stress.

It does not contain any harmful compounds like GMO,preservatives and other fillers that’s why it is very safe to drink this tea.


  • The flavor is bitter but tasty which is very helpful to the liver
  • It makes my skin supple and less wrinkle
  • It helps in decreasing blood pressure
  • Makes me sleep well

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