Best Tea for Diarrhea

Diarrhea is painful and very frustrating and sometimes if it’s not properly treat this will lead to possible dehydration.

Some of the studies says that the main cause of this illness  is because of parasite infection. There are also experts suggested that you can cure diarrhea at the comfort of your home by just taking some herbal teas that will lessen the symptoms.

This may help you in case one of the house member or a colleague will encounter diarrhea. You can prepare some of these teas naturally.

1.Astringent Tea

This will help dried the membranes of intestine to help ease the diarrhea. You just need a teaspoon of blackberry or raspberry leaf together with a hot water to create a tea. And you need to take it half cup of tea every hour until the symptoms stop.

2.Pepper and Kelp Tea

This herbal tea is particularly recommended for best cure of diarrhea. This tea can be drink anytime as you want . You just need 3 teaspoons of pepper particularly the black one. Together with 1 ½ cup of hot water.

3.Chamomile Tea

The benefits of this chamomile tea is proven tested for many years. Treatments in some digestive issue including diarrhea has found the teas effectiveness. You can purchase this chamomile tea in many stores which is very convenient and easy to prepare. You just need to boil at least 1 cup of water then put some chamomile pieces on it and serve it hot that can be tolerated by the patient.

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