Best Tea for Constipation

Best Herbal Teas To Relieves Constipation

A lot of people in the world experienced the uneasiness brough by constipation.This case is somehow annoying and very uncomfortable to the feeling.If you only poop lesser than 3 times a week, well you are definitely experiencing constipation.

Regular bowel movement should be observe often because this will help us to release those waste in our body. And if any chance it can’t be done there will be a big problem later in your body system. So,it is really important to poop regularly.

The main cause of this condition has many aspects like the kind of food you take, during intake of medicines, less water intake and and some disorders in hormones. People tend to find ways in easing the pain about the state of constipation. Sometimes they got medicines from the pharmacy or drug store which is easy and convenient.

But due to some effect of medicines sometimes drinking them will worsen the case. I will be adding here the best herbal teas you can drink if you are having trouble in constipation.

1.Cascara tea

This plant is actually a dried bark of trees originated from California. It improves your intestines texture by making the muscle contract by alleviating the movement of the stool.

The tea bark contains an element called anthraquinone glycosides which respond to some bacteria inside the intestines and help the poop moves because of its laxative characteristics.Drinking cascara tea should not be long term because of some side effects in the intestinal that may result to problem like ulcers and inflammation during poop.

2.Senna tea

Senna has laxative content that can be helpful in bowel movement. Drinking this tea should be short term only because it can cause other problem like diarrhea.

Senna tea contains sennosides which is an active respondent in the digestive process that same with cascara tea it helps to contact the intestine and it regulates the bowel movement.  

3.Dandelion tea

The laxative effect after drinking this Dandelion tea will surely help you in bowel movement. The roots of this plant will definitely alleviate the condition of constipation.

To prepare this Dandelion Tea you need to boil at least some woody piece of Dandelion plant. In an 8 oz of water ,put the 1 tsp of dandelion roots in 10 minutes and boiled it.Strain some remaining plant pieces and pour properly in a pot or mug.Drink the tea. You can drink up to 3 cups of tea everyday while having constipation.

4.Peppermint tea

Are you suffering from constipation? Does it make you feel not comfortable?Well, you can always consider this peppermint tea in your list. This tea is a good remedy to those having trouble in bowel movement.

Aside from considering this as one of the most delicious tea you can have,you can always count this tea as the healthiest one in improving the condition of constipation.

It has a menthol flavor that will surely relax and make you feel calm.It soothes the problem of the stomach and this was used as medicine many years ago.

The oil and the carminative ingredient in this plant will help the passage of food in the intestine thus stimulating the proper function of gallbladder.


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