Best Tea for Colds

Colds and flu are likely irritable and makes you feel discomfort. This maybe cause of some bad bacteria that you acquired in the surroundings.  

There are a lot of home remedies that you can take on if you have those ailment. But because you are an on the go person you may want to consider having those remedies easy to prepare and use.

You can actually buy some organic teas which is best for treating colds. I listed most of the teas that you can have instantly from the store. And take note these teas are those who have high ratings in Amazon.

1.Imperial White Tea Leaves from Himalayas (25 Cups), World’s Healthiest Tea Type, Powerful

This tea is come from the Himalayan mountain which has a limited quantity. This special tea is low in caffeine and is safe to drink anytime of the day up to 3 cups in a day.

This is a kind of tea best for antioxidants to free your body away from radicals. The taste is delicious and has a mellow sweet flavors that will fit to your taste. This tea offers all the beneficial nutrients that the body can get.


  • Low in caffeine
  • Rich in flavor and has a floral aroma
  • 100% natural tea


  • The taste is great and has a smooth flavor
  • Good drink for those who experienced nausea
  • Shipment is fast
  • It brews good cup of tea and its freshness is excellent

2.Buddha’s Herbs Organic Turmeric, Ginger and Lemongrass Tea, 22 Tea Bags (Pack of 2)

This ginger tea is made to rejuvenate and restore all the necessary elements that the body need. This tea is handed carefully by the experts in Europe to exclusively give the best ginger tea you can have


  • 100% organic tea and is verified by EU Agriculture
  • Pack of 2 with 44 tea bags
  • With organic packaging


  • Makes your stomach ache well
  • The taste is delicious and smooth
  • It helps reducing inflammation
  • It helps relax and give a restful sleep

3.Teabox Earl Grey Black Tea 1.13oz, 16 Teapac Teabags | Natural Ingredients: Bergamot Oil

Consider as the world’s freshest tea and carefully hand pick by the experts to ensure goodness and freshness of the tea. You can enjoy this tea because of its natural flavor and delicious taste plus the arome that will captivates your heart and mind to feel relax.

This tea redefines the freshness of the product. This blend will really enjoy not just by tea drinkers but also to those who just want to try some. This is also a kind of black tea.


  • It has a sealed bag to maintain freshness
  • An exceptional aroma of liquor
  • Rich in taste


  • Excellent tea and best for alternative of coffee
  • It has a soothing taste
  • Stays fresh and convenient to prepare
  • Best to drink during breakfast

4.Heather’s Tummy Teas Organic Peppermint Tea Bags, 4.2 oz (36 Jumbo Tea bags) for IBS

This kind of peppermint tea is 100% organic and also best for treating colds. It is a delicious tea formulated to have potential in treating to some illness and best for the body.

This is selected from the best tea farm and produced carefully by the masters to ensure freshness and strength. This can be part of your wellness program everyday because this tea is totally medicinal and very effective.


  • 100% organic tea
  • Fast relief of stomach pain
  • Improves to many digestive issues
  • Caffeine free
  • 36 tea bags in a can


  • It has a mint and delicious flavor
  • It works for Irritable bowel syndrome
  • It helps in sleeping well
  • The taste is refreshingly mint
  • Can be prepared chilled
  • It has a calming effect

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