Best Tea for Chest Congestion

Common colds are caused by extreme lung mucus and resulting to chest congestion. And if this illness occurs you should visit your physician to be treated properly.

Teas are known to be helpful in easing chest congestion. It helps reduce the pain and it will help as expectorant to clear the passage of airways and let the phlegm out in your body.

But of course before taking those suggested teas you should go and visit your physician first in order to know some warnings or risk that will probably react to your body.It is best advice that before consuming any teas you should ask some help from the doctor especially if you’re experiencing some health issues.

1.Garlic Tea

Garlic has surprisingly good for the health of the body. It is not just a good spice to your home cooked but also one of the best to reduce chest congestion and other lung infection.

Study says that people who eat garlic for 12 weeks,lessen the chances of getting colds and get better from any symptoms like colds. But it is very important to consult your doctor if you’re pregnant.

Traditionally garlic has been used as medicinal treatment to many simple illness. It has an elements that will commonly ease the chest congestion called alliin. It also helps in relieving common colds.And some says that it will surely boost your immune system if you’re taking it regularly.

2.Echinacea Tea

Echinacea Tea are mostly readily available in the form of pills and tea bags. You can actually buy them in many drug store or supermarket. This is a kind of flower that will help you easing some common colds which results to chest congestion.

Also one study arrived that those people taking Echinacea Tea has reduced their risk of getting common colds and may help easing the colds easily. This tea has rich in vitamins that is very helpful in boosting your immune system.

3.Lobelia Tea

This tea is also an expectorant helping to ease colds that may result to chest inflammation. It help cures many respiratory health issues. Though this herb needs to be consulted first in your physician because this tea is used as tobacco in some parts of India.

This is also suit for people who are experiencing frequent sneezing due to colds. It is also helpful in headaches and some instances like ear trouble.

It can be helpful in relaxing the muscle. You can take up to 3 cups of lobelia tea everyday. You just need a boiling water and let the lobelia tea steep for 15 minutes and you’re good to go.

It was proven that lobelia contain nicotine but it is not addictive and can actually make the breathing of lungs clearer.

4.Mullein Tea

This traditional mullein tea has been useful for many years and consider as one of the best medicinal herb to treat chest congestion.It is also helpful in treating diarrhea, coughs, asthma and other lung issues.

Mullein leaves contains minerals and nutrients that is responsible in soothing the mucous membranes and may help the airways function well. This tea may also helpful in some health issues like antioxidants,ear ache,lessens mucous,and reduce inflammation.

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