Best Tea Brands in 2018

Teas are known to be beneficial to our health. People around the world are aware that a good cup of tea comes from the best brands.

You can actually trace the origin of every tea for you to decide the quality of the tea. Teas are the most consumed drinks in the world. You can have many options to choose from, you can buy it in the market or online at Amazon.

You may want to consider our top picks for best tea brands in 2018.

    1.Tetley Tea Brands

Tetley brand is known to be the largest provider of tea in the world. The company is originally come from UK. And the company offers different kinds of flavors of tea as well as other products.

Most of their teas are best for fast metabolism and enhance immune system. They offer variety of teas which are tasty and beneficial that you can always served iced or hot.


  • It has a strong taste
  • You will surely love this decaffeinated
  • Best recommended tea in the market
  • The brand is easy to find
  • It has a good quality of tea
  • It helps a lot to those who difficulties in sleeping

  1. Celestial Seasonings

Celestial Seasonings brand of tea is from United States. Also known as one of the company’s top selling tea.  


The flavorful, caffeine free, and with pleasant aroma tea that they offer is really a big hit to the consumer. They have different options for flavored tea including champagne and raspberries.

The strong blend of this tea will help you a lot to support your immune system. The ingredients found on this tea has favourable effects to anyone who’s drinking the tea.


  • Gives you a good night sleep
  • Helps treat ailments
  • Helps cope up dehydration
  • No worries about the caffeine.You can have it anytime of the day
  • The taste is mellow and smooth
  • Can be part of your diet routine
  1. Yorkshire Tea

This family owned tea started producing coffee in 1886. This tea also consider as one of the best brands of tea in the world. They offer a lot about their teas.

It has well balanced taste and the aroma is exceptional. It has a light sweet taste but the bitterness is just right and enough. You can enjoy different varieties of tea from this company.


The company’s goal is to serve the best quality of tea around the world. A cup of tea from them is definitely amazing.


  • The price is right and reasonable
  • The best brewed tea
  • Great drink at anytime of the day
  • The flavor is light and it has enough size
  • Delicious but not bitter tea.

  1. Bigelow Tea Brands

This tea is a family owned company as well with a plantation in South Carolina. This tea brand is also known in the world because of their incredible tea and other spices on it.


They offer different kinds of tea including the following:

  • Mint
  • Earl Grey
  • Green tea and other 40 varieties

The company is always ensuring the freshness of the tea making sure the benefits are still there during the process. The company’s tea offers only the finest tea in the world. Tea leaves are handpicked by the experts to and wrap it up to goodness.


  • A great price and very reasonable
  • Excellent tea and best tea ever
  • It has consistency in flavor and its strength is great
  • Can be enjoyed by a cancer patient
  • It has an air tight preventing the moisture to enter
  • The service is excellent


  1. Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea can be seen and available around the market. It is from Europe and US originally.They offer conventional teas. They offer a lot of teas from green, black ,chamomile and even for detox they have it all.

Company’s tea is sure to have its satisfying and delicious tea.The herbs and spices are really incredible and delectable to anyone who will drink. You can drink this tea anytime of the day.


  • It has an extra strong taste
  • The tea is delicious and tasty
  • Great for relieving stomach ache
  • Price of the product is right
  • Delivers fast
  • This tea is perfect to those who like licorice flavor
  • Helps a lot in easing asthma

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