Best Tea For Acne

Best Herbal Tea For Acne 2018

Teas are good cure of acne.It serves as a miracle drink if you’re having trouble with your face.It has no side effects and can tolerate the condition.It helps fight back and will surely improve the condition of acne.

You don’t necessarily need to drink it daily .It can be occasional or often.Besides you can always use them as topical remedy.Sometimes it is good to drink teas while you have acne and at the same time putting the same kind of tea in your face like rubbing it in actual.

The teas are all worth trying that helps you in curing acne in the face.Please check it for yourself.


Describe as red bush and is originated from the land of South Africa is the “rooibos tea”.It gives a great effect if you’re having issues with acne.It can be a daily good drink if you’re experiencing the embarrassment of this face problem.There are ingredients inside this herbal tea that can enhance skin texture.


  • It acts as antibacterial to the skin
  • It eliminates oil and dead skin too
  • It free the skin from allergy
  • It serves as a cleanser to the body and prevents the dryness of the skin


Chamomile tea has been widely used for many people for how many years.It is said to be the most effective remedy for acne problems.It also acts as an antioxidant drink and brings a wide beneficial effect to human’s health.


  • It reduces a severe acne and relieves some indications too
  • It acts like an ointment with hydrocortisone that reduces inflammation
  • Powderized leaves and other tea chamomile tea bags can be rub to the face and that will help to improve the scar made by acne
  • Other flavor enhancer of chamomile tea like honey and lemon juice can be useful too in relieving acne in the face.


Spearmint is also a good source in treating those acne problems.It has the active ingredients that allows to eradicate the bacteria that cause severe acne.It is a natural herbal tea that can be an antidote and has no harmful effect to the skin.


  • It is an agent of antioxidant and will help you eliminate toxins in your skin
  • It helps to minimize the oxidation of oil that will clog the pores and forms radicals in the skin
  • It balanced the hormones of the body if not prevented it may result to a great breakouts of acne.
  • It helps women who has acne because they undergo menstruation every month .But it is advisable to drink it moderately


If you want a fairer and smooth skin,it is said that nettle tea can be a good drink for you.It surely purify and detoxify the radicals present in your skin that may result to acne breakouts.It prevents the formation bacteria in the skin.It has also contains a lot of nutritional elements in the body including vitamins B & K, zinc and selenium that helps your immune system boost up.


  • Gives you clearer and fairer skin
  • Supports and reduce acne breakouts
  • Energy and immune system booster


This tea has been known and traditionally uses as medicinal for acne problems for many years.It alleviates skin health texture  and even a herbalist and doctors recommended this herbal tea that has higher capacity in helping any skin issues.It has also effect in the liver that improves its condition.

It contains all the nutrients that suirely supports skin texture from  iron,vitamins A, B, C, minerals, zinc, and potassium


  • Helps to cure acne
  • Regulates liver condition
  • Serve as antioxidants
  • Anti Aging herbal drink


Herbal teas are a good source to any health condition.It helps to alleviate or improve the problem with no harmful effect.And that you will enjoy anytime you want to drink.This is best if you ask some advises from medical experts to give you peace of mind.


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