Best Tea for Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is the condition resulting to heartburn. Researchers found that there’s no risk in drinking tea with acid reflux. A lot of teas are available which can be better than others.

Those teas that are mints and has caffeine can make the condition worst if you have acid reflux and will also trigger of having heartburn.

I listed the following natural herbal tea where you can consider drinking safe without having worries affecting acid reflux condition.

1.Chamomile Tea

This tea helps is aiding and lowering the gastric acidity. This has been used as a medicinal to some health issues.This can be a very good remedy to those having stomach upset.

Drinking this tea about 3-4 times a day may surely help and relieve inflammation or irritation in the digestive membranes and will result to proper digestion.

2.Licorice tea

This tea found to be useful in healing acid reflux. Many studies found out that this tea helps in aiding stomach ache and reduce the inflammation of ulcers.

This licorice tea brings helpful effects to those having problem in their digestive system but if you’re pregnant or having any medical condition you need to check first to your physician if it’s allowable to drink in your situation. Their are some cases that licorice tea may cause heart problems to those who take it.

Aside from a good remedy of acid reflux, it also supports the digestive system and helps relieves the constipation and proper bowel movement.

3.Ginger tea

This very safe herbal tea is widely known to many people that help heal stomach disorders.

This tea can be easily prepare. You just need a boiled water and a teaspoon of grated or ground ginger roots, you can now drink after straining. You can also add other sweeteners like honey to adjust your desired taste.

Ginger tea has antioxidants that allows to reduce gastrointestinal inflammation.

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