Best Stovetop Tea Kettle

Best Stovetop Tea Kettle 2018

Preparing your best tea in your cup is sometimes very crucial.You need to have the finest tea and of course the machine or equipment to use in brewing just the perfect tea.

To tea drinkers or even coffee drinkers they considered the best kettle for their precious and delicious drink.In choosing those kettles you need to know the durability,performance and of course the material made for the product.

Having a cup of tea is like a part of their everyday lives.It is something that is missing if they can have at least a cup of it.There are a lot of stove tea kettles available in the market but the question is…Is it durable?Can it accommodate to last longer usage?What about the price?Is it worth the value of your money?What about the brands?

In this article you will going to learn some best stovetop kettle that best to your premium tea too.These kettles offer a lot to your kitchen and of course you will enjoy its durability and usage while brewing the best tea ever.Check it out below.

1.OXO Good Grips Classic Tea Kettle, Brushed Stainless

This premium tea kettle is the answer to your longing of having the best for brewing tea.It  has the definite result of the temperature of the water.The hotness is just even that is perfect to your tea.

It has a large opening that is very convenient in filling or pouring the water. It is made with stainless steel that is visible and is safe from rust.It is also trusted that the handle is made from silicone that can overcome heat hen hold by bare hands.Also note that this kettle is not suitable for induction.


  • It is reliable in gripping (lift and pour method)
  • Pull the spout to open and press the spout to close
  • It has a whistling feature
  • Easy for cleaning and has the ability to resist from any stain


  • Heats quickly
  • Easy filling and pouring or storing
  • Whistles loudly
  • It is able to accommodate large amount of water

2.Tea Kettle Stovetop Kettles Teapot Stainless Steel-Mirror Finish,Bakelite Handle,Fast To Boil, 2 Quart

This modernized tea kettle looks so shiny and elegant because of it is purely made from stainless steel material.This can be best in your kitchen table top and it is made simple but durable.It has the capacity to fill up to 2 quarts of water and is perfect to any stove top.

This can be your great partner in boiling any hot water,tea,coffee or any herbal drinks that will surely results in perfect taste and very comforting to the feeling.This can be good and ideal not just for house use but also if you’re in travel.This can be easy to carry and clean.Plus you will enjoy the 24/7 customer support to this product.


  • Made from stainless steel material
  • Water capacity up to 2 quarts
  • It is mirror finish product
  • It has a whistling feature that allows you to know if its boiled already


  • Matches perfectly to any kitchen top especially in any stove top
  • The handle is movable and works well in 6 persons everyday
  • Best for outdoor use
  • Not just use in boiling water,tea and coffee but also in noodles too.
  • The design is very elegant and it carries a lot of water

3.KitchenAid KTEN20CBER 2.0-Quart Kettle with C Handle and Trim Band – Empire Red

This very stylish stovetop tea kettle can make your boring kitchen look elegant and classy because of its happy color.This can be your next partner in the kitchen with regards to your quality tea.

It is made from porcelain enamel and is very great in boiling water.This can be used in your tea,coffee,water or even making a delicious soup this can be very easy to set up at anytime of the day.It has also a very eye-catching handle that well-made.


  • It has different colors
    • Citrus Sunrise
    • Doulton Blue
    • Mandarin Orange
    • Onyx Black
    • Pyrite
    • Sunkissed Lime
    • White
  • Spout easy press
  • Comfy grip
  • It has an attractive design


  • Spout is easy for pouring
  • The whistle sounds loud
  • A bit pricey but it is worth the value of the money
  • Heats quickly
  • Highly recommended tea pot and functions well

4.Pour Over Coffee Kettle with BUILT-IN THERMOMETER – Large 1.2L – Gooseneck Drip Coffee Kettle and Stainless Steel Stovetop Tea Pot

This highly recommended stove top kettle is best up to 1.2 liter of water but it’s advisable to just limit it in 1 liter to avoid the water spoilage.It has the ability to give the exact temperature and makes your water boiled just in time and perfect.

It has a great neck for pouring water and is precise in function.It is made from stainless steel material and the base is metal.It has the capacity to avoid rust for using such a longer time.


  • 1.2 liter full water capacity
  • The handle is made from ergonomic
  • It has the ability to resist from heat and rust because of the material used
  • It has a lid airtight to prevent from spilling during pouring
  • Can be used not just in stovetop but also in induction,halogen or electric range

5.Hario V60 Buono Pouring Kettle (1.2L)

This stove top tea kettle is a product from Japan and it’s known to its durability and longer performance.It has a stunning design of stainless steel that is very convenient to use and no hustle in pouring the water.

It is also able to accommodate up to 4 cups of water in just one time.It is best in gas and electric range.This product is easy to clean and surely free from rust.


  • Made from stainless steel
  • Capacity of Up to 1.2 liter of water
  • Fine handle


The above tea kettles are best and advisable to use mainly in stove top. All can be suit to any variety of tea.These stovetop kettle will surely give you the best hot water,tea,coffee,soups and noodles too.





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