Best Small Coffee Maker – Small But Amazing Coffee Maker

You can find many selection of coffee maker around the market. It varies from its price, capacity, durability and its weight, dimension and size.

Sometimes it can be tricky in choosing the best coffee maker. But we want the best especially for our personal use at home. The following choices may help you in finding the best small coffee maker but believe it you will be amazed by its stability and the convenience that bring with this kind of coffee maker. Listed below are coffee makers base from its lesser weight using pounds up to the highest one.

1.MOZEEDA Handheld Portable Coffee Maker Mini Espresso Machine Outdoor Travel Camping Espresso Maker

To those who are planning to give some presents to your coffee lover friend, family, colleagues and even a personal gift for yourself, this portable coffee maker is best. This portable coffee maker is very easy to use, you only need a ground coffee and hot water. And in just two minutes, bingo! You have your own great espresso.

No need of electricity or battery to work just press the button. It is also easy to clean by bare hands. This product is made from FDA plastic. The quality of material is certified by the authority. You cannot smell the plastic. You can use this product to anywhere you go from travelling, going to office, for office use, while driving, camping and even just in the comfort of your home.

Product Weight is only 1 pound.

2. Baskiss Single Serve Coffee Maker, Coffee Machine with Quick Brew Technology for Most Singer Cup Pods, 1 Reusable Solo Filter Included

This product has the ease of brewing your coffee. It has a button control and choose your cup and in one minute you have your great brewed coffee. Same with other coffee maker it has an auto off to ensure the safeness and efficiency level.

You can use different K-cup sizes from 6,8,10 and 12 oz. You can also other hot drink like tea and cocoa. It has a removable parts for easy cleaning. It has also an auto off after 3 minutes that produces quality freshly brewed coffee.

Just a friendly reminder that the maximum height of the cup or mug should be 5.5 inches.

Product Weight is only 3.34 pounds.

3. Hamilton Beach 49970 Personal Cup One Cup Pod Brewer

This product can brew up to 12 oz. cup. It has a start button and it automatically shuts off. This is a no drip coffee maker and you can have it as fast as you can. The taste will definitely delightful in every sip you made.

This item is very handy and a no-mess. There is no carafe, you just put your favorite cup and mug and you’re good. You can use this product as easy as 1, 2, and 3. Just casually pull the basket on the top, place the coffee ad close it. Put some water on it about 12 oz. or your desired amount. Press the start and and wait for the automatic shut off.

This product is truly designed to make everyone’s life easy and convenient. The production team has been detailed to this to offer consumers the best they can get in the market.

Product Weight is only 2 pounds.

4. Kitchen Selectives CM-688 1-Cup Single Serve Drip Coffee Maker, Black

This single serve coffee maker has a mug included in the package. The drip is removable and easy to clean. This item is very easy to use and has a perfect for fresh brewed coffee. In just few minutes the coffee brews perfectly maintaining the temperature. The included mug inside the box is best for the man’s size finger. You can add any amount of water you desired for brewing.


This product is exactly the pictured of a small machine that ca make 1 cup of coffee for up to 2-3 minutes only. It produces hotter coffee and stronger aroma. Anyone planning to buy a smaller machine like this is worth the value. And will allow you every morning to have rich coffee taste.

This will give you a 100% satisfaction if you’re just into small space consuming and enough to serve 1 person in minutes.

Product Weight is only 2.6 pounds

5. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder, Conical Burr Mill, Brushed Stainless Steel

This item is best for fine or coarse ground coffee. The settings of this item will ensure you a 100% precision of the result. This machine don’t need cords,power or battery to function. You can always take this machine anywhere you go. Even a small bag to big backpacks can be suitable.

This product was featured in NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX channels. Many customer who bought the item were satisfied ad extremely happy. Top major reasons you should have this JavaPresse Coffee Maker.

  • Quality – made from ceramic material
  • Take it anywhere you go
  • Convenience in cleaning and its function
  • It has a manual guide for users

Product Weight is only 1.8 pounds

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