best red wines under 15

The best red wine under 15 for you to try!

Looking for the best red wine for evening movie night? Then you probably won’t even try to buy an inexpensive red wine for this night. Since we all know that costly red wines are delicious and tasteful, we won’t even bother to try inexpensive wines perhaps. But since $15 red wines are a budget-friendly type of wine, why don’t you even to try this? Not all reds that cost for $15 taste unusual for us, but it similarly tastes like in a costly wine brand in the market. We also need to consider trying some inexpensive wines since they have an affordable budget in the wallet yet you almost taste expensive wines of Cabernet and Merlot without breaking your bank! Let’s try to consider this list below for some idea of which red wines at cost of $15 will definitely suit your taste and budget!


The best wines are in the choice of a wine drinker. Several red wines are under $15 offer an exceedingly drinkable, sense of taste satisfying background. Attempt any of the below lists of wines for a flavorful ordeal, or approach your nearby wine dealer for proposals. Many wine producer offers a great deal of wine which is both very moderate and extremely delightful. If you take a stab at something and like it, think about requesting a case to drink through the span of a year, or purchasing a couple of jugs to present with your most loved dinners. At last, your sense of taste will let you know precisely what you believe are the best red wines under $15.

Puglia 2014, Scià, Podere Castorani ($13.30)


Loads of fresh fruits however with exemplary Sangiovese acridity and a strong wrap-up. Tannins are there, however, this is all fruity fresh fruits. Keep this cool. In light of the acidity, this is perfect for tomato sauces.

Wine Information:

  • Grape Assortment: Sangiovese
  • Food Pairing: aperitif, pizza with tomato and basil sauce, spaghetti

Saint-Chinian 2015, Clos Bagatelle ($13.45)


One of the most loved sobriquets of the Languedoc f some wine enthusiast, where leafy foods, or wild sweet-smelling herbs, share the stage. A blend of new red organic products with aromatic plant wrap-up. That substantial edge of the Carignan is hinted.

Wine Information:

  • Grape Assortment: Syrah, Grenache, and Carignan
  • Food Pairing: sheep kebabs with yogurt and minty paste

Cahors 2014, Chatons du Cèdre ($14.20)


It is the Malbec’s female side. Its still Cahors: dull fruited, with licorice and other simple notes. Despite everything it has torque. In any case, the tannins are delicate, relatively smooth, the organic product so delicious, and the unobtrusive flower notes give this ordinarily local wine a touch more tastefulness.

Wine Information

  • Grape Assortment: Merlot and Malbec
  • Food Pairing: meat with tarragon

Cariñena 2010, Crianza, Monasterio de Las Vinas ($12.25)


More than years, this is hitting its top red wines for its affordable cost and great taste, which is a decent alternative to have as opposed to purchasing a “youthful” wine. Has every one of the properties one anticipates from more established Spanish wines, from the rugged and tobacco notes to the blend of new and dried natural products. Tannins are delicate yet at the same time grasp.

Wine Information:

  • Grape Assortment: cariñena, Garnacha, cabernet sauvignon, Tempranillo
  • Food Pairing: Pork and chicken meal with mushroom included

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 2015, Riparosso, Illuminati ($14.30)


Amazing for its flavorful taste consider its cost. It has a strong tannic complete and once you are biting on various pork, it will help uncover heaps of red natural product, zest and a few dried up rosemary and wrap-up licorice on the end taste. While intense, the wine remains surprisingly new.

Wine Information

  • Grape Assortment: Montepulciano
  • Food Pairing: peppery steak


  1. Which on the above list of wine has an amazing taste? Both of them has a taste like a costly wine brands
  2. Where can I buy this wines? It is available in any supermarket or wine and online stores

Final Thought

Even though we preferred to buy an expensive red wine during supper, it is also great that we may sometimes try a red wines under $15 or lower than that, since all wines are made with fresh grapes fruits yet they are not made with same wineries, they also have an amazing flavorful taste that we can even enjoy drinking. Red wines that cost $15 will not break your budget but it will satisfy you to its amazing taste with a great deal of wine!


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