• Best Rated Wineries in Santa Ynez Valley

    Best Rated Wineries in Santa Ynez Valley

    California is home to some of the best wineries in the world and the Santa Ynez Valley wineries are no special case. Found somewhere between Paso Robles and Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez Valley sprawls more than 300,000 sections of land and highlights both expansive domain vineyards and little boutique wineries. Not exclusively are the wines putting the territory on the guide, the valley was likewise included in the 2004 Academy Award Nominated motion picture Sideways. On the off chance that that isn’t sufficient to persuade you to visit, here are our top picks for a two-day tasting in Santa Ynez Valley:

    Bridlewood Estate Winery


    At Bridlewood Estate Winery hold their grapes and each other to the most elevated of gauges, separating them from the others. They guarantee that each parcel whenever created independently in best in class tanks and barrels. In their tasting room, they have made a private ordeal that you won’t have any desire to miss. Visitors can assemble at one of the carefully assembled barrel tables or make the most of their wine by the wellspring in the radiant yard. As a reward for the experience, the tasting room likewise offers intuitive instructive projects.

    Winery Details

    • Time: Open Daily 11 to 5 pm
    • Cost: Tasting expense – $15 for five wines
    • Value Range: $15 to $40 per bottle
    • Discounts: 10% on a case buy
    • Visit Info: Horse Drawn Carriage visits, 11 am to 4 pm Saturday and Sunday
    • Extraordinary Amenities: Former Horse Ranch
    • Winery Dog: Ruby

    Sunstone Vineyards and Winery


    The history of the Sunstone Vineyards start in 1989 were the Rice family moved to the 52-section of land farm to develop wine grapes. They had no clue that they would wind up one of the main natural vineyard domains in Santa Barbara County. The vineyard and winery values proceeding to develop grapes without the utilization of herbicides, pesticides or engineered fungicides – which they have done since the underlying planting in the year 1990. Sunstone Vineyard is known for its Rhone varietals, including Viognier. In backup to your tasting, visitors can likewise appreciate a gourmet lunch, transforming your tasting into a definitive cookout encounter.

    Winery Details

    • Time: Open daily 11 to 5 pm
    • Cost: Tasting charge $10
    • Private tasting and blending alternatives accessible. Tasting charges somewhere in the range of $20 and $35.
    • Value Range: $13 to $50 per bottle
    • One of a kind Amenities: Organic Vineyards and Wine Caves
    • Winery Dog: Shelby (Australian Shepherd) in addition to Tinto and Brix winery felines

    Barbieri Winery


    If you want to visit different wineries at Santa Ynez, well, the Barberi is one of the great options since they make a portion of the best wine in Santa Barbara County. There is a boldness to the winemaking process in the Barberi. They are not bound by tradition and you can taste it. The wines are great and one of a kind. Indeed, you can spend your entire evening tasting at Barbieri. Moreover, this winery is controlled by an ace sommelier. The guests ought to be appreciative to settled on this choice. However, in Los Olivos, the retail facade boutique of Barberi has a substantial tasting bar and an incredible cheddar choice in the back. Actually, it has a basic tasting room as well, yet you aren’t supposed here for the tasting room enrichments or a blessing shop or whatever else that would divert you from the wines.

    Winery Details

    • Time: From 12pm to 6pm
    • Cost: $12 tasting expense
    • Remarkable Amenities: Corporate Events, Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Parties

    Rusack Winery


    The drive to the Rusack tasting room is a piece of the good times. As you travel these winding nation streets, you are dealt with to vistas highlighting unspoiled rustic life. There are stacked stone dividers separating fields of dairy animals and alpaca. There are rusting masses of homestead gear from former periods. Also, there are moving floods of vines that stretch out every which way.

    When you land at the winery, we recommend you discover a spot on their monstrous deck. You are dealt with to a portion of similar perspectives from here and you get the additional advantage of getting a charge out of a bottle of wine while taking everything in. We suggest a jug of their exceptionally acclaimed Syrah or Pinot Noir instead.

    Winery Details

    • Time: Open daily from 11 to 5 pm
    • Cost: Tasting charge $6 with keepsake wine glass
    • Value Range: $17 to $38 per bottle
    • Discounts: 10% case markdown

    Foxen Vineyard And Winery


    This Santa Foxen Vineyard and Winery in Santa Ynez has two incredible tasting spaces for you to visit. They are inclined toward the memorable cabin, however, the two spaces offer an awesome ordeal for wine explorers. Santa Foxen has a notoriety for making superb white wines, however, they create some incredible reds also. Ensure you go for a tasting in the two areas. They offer distinctive tasting flights at the cabin and the fundamental winery tasting room. The staff at the Foxen tasting rooms truly separates them. They are amicable and locks in. We adore discovering tasting room has that truly comprehend wine. The Foxen winery completes an incredible activity finding and preparing their staff.

    Winery Details

    • Time: Open daily 11 to 4 pm
    • Cost: $10 with glass
    • Value Range: $20 to $50 per bottle
    • Discounts: 10% cash rebate
    • Winery Dog: Queenie, Yahee, and Sassafras

    Question and Answer

    1. Do they also offer free wine tasting? Yes, I believe so
    2. What are the most affordable vineyards to visit? All on the list. However, it will still depend on the wine company tours you choose.


    The Santa Ynez Valley is a cool atmosphere that every people love to include this place to their winery tours. The Santa Ynez Valley is one of California’s most prominent wine sampling goals. It has different wineries that offer not only extraordinary wines but rather extravagance sceneries and experience. So, in case your planning to visit the Santa Ynez wineries, you can consider the list in the above for better options too.

    Many of us know that California is one the homes of a portion of the best wineries on the planet and fortunately, the Santa Ynez Valley wineries are no particular case too. The Sta. Ynez is found somewhere between the Paso Robles and Santa Barbara, and sprawls more than 300,000 sections of land and highlights both extensive home vineyards and little boutique wineries. Moreover, every season in the Sta. Ynez is interesting. Why do I say that? Because not only you can discover the best wineries in Sta. Ynez but instead there’s dependably an extraordinary wine occasion, fun show or cultural festival to go to.



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