Best Pu Erh Tea

Best Pu Erh Tea 2018

The reality of Pu erh tea is that it is known to be not that higher content as antioxidant in the body because of the process of oxidation.But a lot of people especially Chinese has always claimed the beneficial effect of pu erh tea in the body.

It improved health condition like helps you reduce weight,it lowers the cholesterol level of  the body and it surely protect the cardiovascular parts of the human being.

This tea is expensive by nature and sometimes compared as wine because as it aged by times the taste improves and become more flavorful.They said that there are pu erh teas that is about 50 years old and can be very pricey that will surely cost a thousand dollars.

Pu erh is originated in Yunnan Province of China and is carefully handed with its secret processing method for many years.It has a unique flavor from a freshly pick leaves down to its dried and fermented ways.


  • Boil the water according to your desired temperature
  • Add water into the leaves for 10 seconds
  • If the leaves are open,add a bit more of water then steep to get a darker color(steep up to 15 minutes)
  • Drink and Enjoy the tea!


  • Reduced weight
  • Lowers cholesterol level
  • Reduce the risk of heart problem

The above mentioned benefits where not proven and tested to humans but it has the great possibility because pu erh tea is effective ta animal as shown in the studies.

Below are the following pu erh teas you can enjoy and is easy to prepare.

1.Yunnan Pu-erh Tea

This very refreshing tea will enhance your digestive parts and will surely make your day relaxing and calming.The taste is moderate and has the mild flavor too.It is known that this best for remedy to those who drink a lot of alcohol.It can unwind the mind and gives you great feeling.

This can be a good drink to anyone from old or young and men or women.It has the quality of mellow sweet taste that will make you want more.This has been the new all favorite to many people around the globe because of its natural effect to the weight,beauty and health.

2.Numi Organic Tea Aged Pu-erh Tea

This natural pu erh tea has loved by many tea lovers because of its sweet and rich flavor.This is one of the tea that can be steep for how many times and still the flavor is great.You will not regret drinking this tea because it also gives a huge benefit to the body.

This is purely non-GMO product and can also boost your immune system and energy that will help you go throughout the day with your activities.It has a flowery,fruity and spicy flavor blended herbal teas that will attach to the palate and will make you remember the distinctiveness of this tea.

3.Tea King of China Pu Erh Tea

This tea has the earthy and smooth flavor that is very unique in taste and can satisfy your cravings.This is known to China and is great in digestion and can ease any uncomfortable feelings.It also improves the proper regulation of the blood is the blood vessels.

This can be stored for a long time as long as it is properly sealed and lock to any container.This can be enjoy at anytime because its wonder functions well to the body.Higher cholesterol level will deliberately less as time goes by if you consume this tea often.

4.Prince Of Peace Tea Premium Pu-erh Tea

This tea is individually pack and has the  best quality kind of tea.It is made by natural blended herbal ingredients.It can be enjoy by anyone and can alleviate any health condition.

The taste is just right and you can add any sweeteners according to your desired taste.This can be prepared as cold or hot tea depending in the weather.Rest assured that this can be as easy as boiled,steep and drink tea.So there’s no really hustle in preparing.

5.Yunnan Longrun Pu-erh Tea Cake

This is a fermented pu erh tea that is shape as cake and is delicious as a cake too.It is originated in Yunnan Province of China where it is carefully handed and grown for a few time.It has the best effect to our metabolism and promotes proper digestion to the body.

During the brewing time it creates a light color red and has the smooth sweet after taste.It is said that this tea is such a special blended drink because it comes from a 100 years old tea tree.Aside from its distinct characteristics it also offers wellness to anyone.


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