Best Oolong Tea

5 Best Oolong Teas in Amazon

If you always drink green teas,black teas or yellow teas,I think this is the best time to try and have some of oolong tea available in the market.Maybe you’re wondering about what makes an Oolong tea?What are the benefits of this tea to the body?Is it easy and quick to prepare?

Well,to answer those questions I will be giving you the best Oolong tea you can have from Amazon. You will surely love this kind of tea because of the beneficial effect to the body. It offers a lot to you and to anyone who’s been wanting to find a drink that is healthy and can be consume any time  they want.

1.Sierra Tea Dan Cong Tea, 1.76 Ounce

You will never be disappointed about this Oolong tea because it is proven and certified by USDA.Its floral aroma is very captivating and very soothing the feeling.It flavor is rich and deep that you will want it every sip from the cup.

The mild taste of flowery and fruity flavor will let you relax and calm all throughout the day.


  • Flavor is amazing
  • It has a light taste and color
  • Can be good in kombucha making

2.Finest 100% Organic Wu-Yi Wulong Oolong Weight Reducing Tea Loose Bulk 1 Lb.

If you’re into weight loss and want to trim down a bit of your fats,this tea oolong tea can be your good partner. It is a fat burner tea, it helps lower the cholesterol, and a good source of antioxidants.

It do prevents a lot of illness and you will not be worried because it is made from 100% natural ingredients that is widely good to the health condition.It also boost your metabolism resulting to proper digestion and will surely reduce your weight after drinking it in a couple of days.


Study show that about 157% of fats in the body are burn by this oolong tea if taken regularly.You just need 1 ½ tsp,put it in a cup with boiled water and steep for 4 minutes.


  • The aroma is pleasant
  • Loose leaf can be used 3 times
  • Highly recommended tea because the taste is mild and smooth
  • Shipping is free
  • It has a good price and worth the value of your money

3.Adagio Teas Formosa Bai Hao (#40) Loose Oolong Tea, 2 oz.

This tea is from Taiwan and know to its inspiring effect to the body.This is a no fat tea and as well as sugar free drinks. This can be enjoy anytime of the day with no worries.

This tea is very convenient to drink and easy to prepare. This can be good if you have stomach upset and other abdominal trouble in the body.The rich and full taste will surely captivates your taste buds and would love to drink it over and over again.They also have available tea bags aside from loose leaf.


  • The taste is smooth
  • Excellent processing of the tea resulting to its freshness
  • Can be a delicious milk tea
  • Product consumed in 2 weeks

4.The Territory of Tea Ever Spring Oolong (4 oz)

This no additives tea will surely fit in your healthy lifestyle. This can be prepared easily and quick that is best to those on the go person.This tea is from Taiwan and known to be effective and gives wellness to the body.

The packaging is properly pack and has a zip lock to ensure its freshness and long term storage.The taste is like floral sweet tea that is very satisfying and relaxing every sip you have from a cup.

You can enjoy it longer because this can be good up to 4 times infusion so this is really worth the value of your money.


  • It has a light butter taste
  • The freshness stays long though it uses a lot of times
  • It has an excellent aroma

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