best oktoberfest beers

The Best Oktoberfest Beers

Whether you can’t make the trek to Munich this year, you can appreciate a portion of similar lagers being served over the Atlantic. Indeed, three of the breweries are permitted to serve brew at the Oktoberfest. Attempt this beer selection of the main Oktoberfest brews at home, and you will also experience the Oktoberfest at the comfort of your own home!


The Oktoberfest style, otherwise called as Märzen, was initially fermented around the month of March before present day of cooling when blending amid the mid-year was tricky because of high temperatures that could bring about bacterial contaminations. The lager was lagered or kept in chilly stockpiling over the more sultry months and blended at a higher gravity or liquor content to enable it to keep up steadiness against the mid-year warm. This German ale style has a tendency to be full-bodied, malty, toasty and dull copper-shaded, with a somewhat more prominent liquor content and simply enough jumps to adjust the sweetness. It’s a perfect lager for late-summer drinking — and even included at Oktoberfest too! So, in case you are wondering what beer is included in Oktoberfest, then lucky for you to find it here in this article.

The list below is the best beer in Oktoberfest. Thus, whether you want to join in that festival and yet you have no time to travel, then try the list below for you to experience also the Oktoberfest in German country!

Märzen Madness


One of only a handful few Märzens accessible more than a year now, this adaptation is made with Munich malt, has a profound golden appearance and a verdant/botanical smell with a trace of orange peel. A smooth, simple drinking lager, its kinds of toasted scone converge with fresh bounces with a sourdough delayed flavor impression. This distillery uses solely common elements of crisp natural bounces, grain, yeast and organic product. It’s likewise a green distillery, using vitality proficient techniques, including gravity capacity to nourish water from its artesian spring to the office; the spent grains from the fermenting procedure are given to neighborhood ranchers who utilize them to sustain goats and other domesticated animals.



For reasons unknown, canine-themed brewery appears to deliver amazing Märzen brews, and that is the situation with this one. Discharged each harvest time. With an unmistakable copper shade, it’s somewhat darker and more extravagant than most cases of the beer style, and a fragrance of saltine similar crips malt that comes in the taste too. A bit of chocolate dish and small smoked is obvious in the persistent flavor, creating this a champion lager in Oktoberfest style of beer.

Okto Festival Ale


This golden/copper offering is really a German Altbier style, prepared with beer yeast that is Americanized through its utilization of privately developed Alchemy and Willamette jumps. The jumps grant a mellow severity and inconspicuous flower note, permitting the sweet bready malt and caramel flavors to overwhelm. The lager completes fresh and clean with some botanical jump and lovely bread-like trailing sensation. In the same way, as other art bottling works, Widmer is earth neighborly, notwithstanding going so far as to utilize just wood from normally fallen trees for its tap handles.

Hofbräu Oktoberfest


The distillery has the biggest tent at the Oktoberfest celebration in Munich and is one of the six distilleries allowed to serve its brew. Hofbräu imports lager from similar clumps that are served at its tent, so you can appreciate an indistinguishable drink from the crowds at Oktoberfest. This rendition is simple drinking, with fresh flavor and a touch of sweetness. Not precisely the normal Oktoberfest mix, the bounces are more common, the liquor content is somewhat higher with 6.3% ABV and the appearance is a shade paler than the conventional brews of this style. Light caramel and malt flavors add to Hofbräu Oktoberfest fine adjust. This legitimate Munich blend will taste best when joined by Bavarian conventional nourishment.

Paulaner Oktoberfest Märzen


Paulaner is one of the six Munich bottling works permitted to serve lager at the Munich Oktoberfest. Trademark to the style, this 5.8 percent ABV Märzen is golden tinted with a full malt fragrance. There’s undeniable value in a lager that pours with a thick, velvety, frothy foam. The taste offers a quite nutty light meal with an accentuation on malt sweetness that is smooth and very much adjusted with unobtrusive, yet detectable jump season. Great backups to this mix incorporate meal pork, cook chicken or hot dishes.


  1. Which the above list is good to try at the Oktoberfest? All of the above beer in the list are good to try during Oktoberfest.
  2. Do they also contain high alcohol content? Yes
  3. Are all this beer includes during the beer festival? Yes definitely!

In Conclusion

Customarily Oktoberfest has served German lagers that acclimate with blending rules called Reinheitsgebot. The rules had put forward that the main fixings to be used as a part of Oktoberfest brew are water, grain, and jumps. The present rules for best Oktoberfest lager do take into account the utilization of wheat, yeast and other straightforward fixings relying upon the mix. Likewise today there are quality lagers roused by Oktoberfest and the list in the above are one of the best beer that served in Oktoberfest!





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