Best Natural Tea for a Cough

Cough is a reflex resulting to the irritation of the throat. Coughing is like the process of making your throat clears.Cough also is the result of some permanent or temporary respiratory condition.


Cough is also the cause of many bacteria and viruses around you.This may last only for few days if properly treat.But if cough goes on more than a week you should visit your doctor to ask a proper prescription for the particular cough.


For instance, if you’re experiencing cough right away you can choose or drink some remedial teas to ease the inflammation due to coughing.You may want to try the 3 best natural tea that we have researched and is proven effective.Check it out.

1.Chamomile Tea

This 100% natural tea has all the healing characteristics and that is very beneficial to the society in treating some ailments like trouble in sleeping, backache and other mental problem.

A study result in 2003 that drinking chamomile tea while having cough will reduce its inflammation and irritation. Thus this will help a lot to cope up the condition.Most simple cough condition will automatically improve within 2 weeks but in any case if cough remains and it’s getting serious you should go to your physician and ask some help.

WARNING: If you’re pregnant it is best to ask permission from the doctor before taking the tea or in any cases like you have history of allergy.

2.Honey and Lemon Tea

Everyone we know has experienced cough due to colds and flu. This is very uncomforting to the feelings and create hustle especially if you want to do something but you can’t since its dragging you down. One of the best remedy that you can consider during those time is drinking honey and lemon tea.

The delicious taste of this tea will help you relax and very soothing to the esophagus and can ease inflammation due to coughing. It is said that honey contains antioxidant element that is believed to washed out the bacterias in the body.It is also proven and tested that lemon has an element of vitamin C that help boosting your immune system thus a good help if you’re having cough. The dark buckwheat honey particularly know to have high antioxidant.

WARNING:Do not give honey to those infants or kids aged younger than 1 because of some risk of botulism a kind of food poison.

3.Black Pepper Tea

This amazing ”do it your own” tea in the home has been known to be a good relief if you’re having cough. This black pepper seed are not just good for spicing your home cooked meal but also best in curing some ailments.

This has been used as medicinal to many Chinese people aside from availability,it is also a no hustle preparation of tea. This black pepper tea allow the proper circulation of the flow of mucus. You can also add honey into eat to adjust your preferred taste.Honey is best to mix with this tea because it has the characteristics of suppressing the cough and a good source antibiotics.

This tea is best for dried coughs or having trouble in coughing.

WARNING: If you’re pregnant it is best to ask permission from the doctor before taking the tea or in any cases like you have history of allergy.

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