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The Best Michigan Beers

There are a couple of Michigan made beers that are practically summer measures in coolers around the state. These are brews that have mass dispersion, so you can practically discover and appreciate them anyplace and all around. All are extraordinary increments to any mid-year party, so we simply needed to give them a yell out.


Michigan implies fresh mornings, warm doughnuts, spiced juice, and obviously — claim to fame Michigan brew. Michigan brewers are known around the nation for making flavorful and complex lager for each season, yet the current year’s pick of fall-centered mixes are particularly marvelous. From different occasions to Oktoberfest and enhanced creations, read through the most loved lagers that you can find only in Michigan and test them to give you an amazing and drinkable taste ever!

Peanuts and Cracker Jack


The name itself of this brew on the rundown of the best brew you can taste at Michigan. It has a toasty, roast enhance which is incredible on one the late spring days with somewhat of a cooler noticeable all around. You can discover it in restricted can discharges, on spout at the brewing company when accessible, and furthermore once in a while, you can appreciate even when you’re watching your most favorite sports show!

El Ligero


El Ligero has light ale which has notes of wafers, grain, and sweet corns, with a decent hit of citrus limes to light up the entire glass. It’s simple drinking that contains 4.5% of alcohol and is far better than a Corona with a lime. Can bundling makes it flawless to expedite your next kayak travel or to the shoreline.

Green Zebra


This beer is another top choice of some beer lover out there. It has a tart little boost prepared on a constrained premise. Initially prepared, you would now be able to discover the brew discharged in the month of May, without a moment to spare for summer. A German-style goose lager, it is fermented with watermelon for a note of fruity sweetness, and a squeeze of salt. A revitalizing beer with lower alcohol content on itself.

Blueberry Lemonade Shandy


Another light lager with an organic product, a mix of lemonade with the novel expansion of blueberries. It arrives in a can for simple conveying amid summer exercises, or you can make arrangements to make a beeline for excellent with a snappy stop at the distillery previously or after.

Bell’s Oberon


The drinkable beer of all Michigan summer brews, it dependably commences the hotter climate months. A wheat beer made with a perfect orange tint, it takes after a similar formula consistently. We lean toward it straight up, sans orange cut, however, you do you. It’s constantly bright when you have this beer in your grasp.


  1. Do they contain high alcohol content? Apparently, it always depends on the breweries. There are some beers in Michigan have a lower alcohol content, but most of them have high ABV since many beer drinkers want to drink intense beer too.
  2. What is the most flavorful beer that I can try? Most of them are flavorful, so it is ideal to try whenever you like. It will surely satisfy your taste buds.
  3. Do they cost expensive? I believe No. Most of the beer in Michigan is quite affordable, thus, in that city, you can find a lot of people who mostly drink beer.

 Bottom Line

The Michigan fermenting scene keeps on developing, with approximately 300 breweries working over the state. That implies you’ll have a lot of awesome, privately made lagers to browse this mid-year. With such a large number of brews out there, we’d share our few top picks with you to enable you to settle on savvy drinking decisions this season. So, in case you visit Michigan, don’t forget to try their best beer that is accessible all over. With so many beer options you can choose from it, it surely gives you the true definition of the best beer in Michigan City.


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