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The Best Lite Beer

Drinking lager can be incredible, yet sooner or later it can appear to settle along the waistline. Gratefully, the light brew was designed. Presently, you can thin down and still toss back a chilly one while watching the diversion. The main thing left to do presently is chosen which is the best light brew. This is a rundown of the best light brews we could discover available. They are positioned by calorie substance, cost, and quality. Contingent upon your state’s laws you might have the capacity to arrange these lagers from the connections beneath, yet in the event that not you may have the capacity to just add them to your truck and get them at your nearby store.


Light lager wouldn’t taste the same as a full-bodied brew, however at around hundred calories every, they’ll give a reviving taste to you to appreciate on the end of the week and not feel remorseful about destroying your eating regimen consistently. Normally, their liquor content is a little lower, as well, with most light brews containing under 5% volume. In case despite everything you’re not persuaded by light brew, at that point choosing a lighter adaptation of a current lager you drink is a decent place to begin. For instance, Budweiser and Coors both offer a light form of their brews which are exceptionally mainstream and still hold a significant part of the taste consumers know and love.

Labatt Blue Light


Labatt Blue Light is the following best light brew on the rundown with 4% ABV. This one is a low-calorie adaptation of the top rated Canadian brand, with just 108 calories. It’s depicted as fresh, clean and gently adjusted. Its smells are of natural product, bounces and bread. This light-bodied brew is marginally sweet and fruity. It’s a decent easygoing brew that is amazingly smooth.

Keystone Light


This light beer has 104 calories and ABV of 4.2%. It pours a pale light golden shade with a grayish froth head that rapidly disseminates. This one has substantial carbonation, and it doesn’t have a lot of a smell. It has an aftertaste like your run of the mill lager, which might be precisely what you requirement for your next throughout the night party. The principle kinds of Keystone Light are grains and corn. In general, it is a fresh, adjusted and light-bodied lager.

Kraftig Light


The Krafting light lager has 109 cal and has contain of 4.2% of alcohol. It decant a yellow copper with a frothy white head that scatters rapidly, and aromas of gritty with a trace of corn. There’s a light sweetened in season that is then adjusted with a pinch of severity on the wrap up. Light-bodied with substantial carbonation.

Mahr’s Leicht


It has minimal number of calories with just 84 for every serving. This may need to do with it additionally having minimal measure of liquor by volume on this rundown, with only 2.8% of ABV. Due to its low liquor content, some say that this lager is somewhat watery in season. In any case, this brew decant perfectly clear yellow tone with a thick frothy head, notwithstanding emitting fragrances of yeast and bread. The principle flavors resemble the scent, tasting of bready malt with a slight sweetness. With a direct measure of carbonation, this light beer is portrayed as light-bodied, fresh and adjusted.

Amstel Light


A light beer with has 95 cal and 3.5% of ABV. The main imported light brew. It decant a light yellow with unmistakably overwhelming carbonation. A fresh and light brew that will extinguish your dryness on a hot day. This light beer is our most loved best light brew. While it’s not the most multifaceted lager, it has light kinds of corn, malt and sweet. This one scents like it flavors, with the expansion of a verdant bounce smell.


  1. Which light beer is most flavorful? All of the above.
  2. Are all those contains low alcohol content? Yes, of course
  3. Ca I pair this with may favorite foods? Yes. It has a flexible taste that can suits to your palate.

Bottom Line

There‚Äôs a lot of beer aficionados loathe light brews, yet this rundown demonstrates that light lagers do have fans. Those watching their weight regularly surrender the refreshment through and through, thinking there are a couple of good light beers, particularly they aren’t devotees of the best tasting household lagers. In any case, low-calorie American brews are not by any means the only alternative.



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