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Laxative is always differentiated as the process of stimulating the bowel movement. So, this is always accompanied by constipation,since it is the feeling of having trouble in poop.

There are many available  medicine in any drugstore near you,it is called the over the counter remedy or pills which will help you during constipation. But don’t you know that there are teas available easily and convenient to prepare that will help you with constipation? These are the best laxative teas that you can drink during those times and is available online.

1.Triple Leaf Tea Tea Herbal Laxative 20 bag

This will surely help you promoting the proper bowel movement.The effect is just easy and gentle which is very relaxing to the body.It helps to provide the normal function of the digestive system as well as it helps to detoxify some radicals in the body.

Knowing that having a healthy digestive system will surely ease all the toxins out from the body resulting to have a great physical and mental being.


  • The taste is very pleasant
  • Best to drink for constipation
  • I feel not bloated
  • The price is very reasonable and the product itself works well
  • After taking for 2 days,results are visible

2.Traditional Medicinals Organic Smooth Move Herbal Stimulant Laxative Wrapped Tea Bags, 16 ct

This laxative tea is also consider as one of the best supplement in your diet.It is best for the stimulation of the bowel movement and will easily see the result after taking it.This tea is proven and tested by USDA and found to be 100% organic in its ingredients.

This can be drink anytime and you will not be worry because it does not contain caffeine which is safe and can give you a little of energy you needed throughout the day.Best to take before bed and you will see result in the morning.


  • This is a great help in my irregularity in bowel
  • It works well and the body can easily adjust into it.
  • This is a life saver to my stomach problem
  • It feels comfort after drinking this tea

3.Ultra skinny Detox 30 Day, Targets Belly Fat , #1 Weight Loss Tea, Laxative, Reduces Bloating, Colon

This tea is just mild and best remedy for trouble in bowel movement. Known to its beneficial nutrients that can aid the body in many health condition like constipation,bloating,boost immune system and metabolism,it can be good as weight reduction and most especially can be a great source of antioxidants.

It also allow the digestive system to regulate properly. It can be a good tea as fat burners and it only uses only the finest tea which gain as GMP approved.


  • The taste is not strong but still nice flavor
  • Effective in eliminating some extra water in the body resulting to weight loss
  • Good to drink during night time and see results during morning
  • The flavor is great,makes you feel more energy and very satisfying
  • Highly recommended product

4.Gaia Herbs Natural Laxative — 16 Tea Bags

This very gentle and easy to use tea for constipation can be a great help if you’re experiencing it.This is effective in relieving such illness because it is made from 100% organic ingredients which can be soothing and will surely rejuvenate your digestive problem.

The taste is delicious and best recommended to those having occasional constipation.For best results you can drink this tea up to 10 days and pair with any veggie tablets that are also laxative.


  • This tea works well
  • After taking the tea and in 4 hours results are visible
  • Good for taking it at least once a week

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