Best Japanese Green Tea

Best Japanese Green Tea Leaf 2018

It is said that Japan produces about 99.9% green teas.And they also has the prominent green tea of all time that includes gyokuro,hōji-cha and  sencha. Green tea is mainly the process of oxidation without fermenting it.

Japanese are known to be health conscious and has all the healthy drinks available in their place.Green tea process is carefully handed by the experts and the techniques are acquired mainly in China but later on improves by Japanese people.

There are a lot of green teas available in the market but you cannot determine its genuinity by merely through looking your eyes.You need to know the kind of variety and the origin of the teas to where it process.

In the context below we will going to give you the three best green tea type from Japan and some of those teas available at Amazon.

1.Sencha Green Tea

It is the most known green tea and widely used for many people.This kind of tea is produced according to its palate desire from a not so pricey to the most expensive sencha tea in town.It is said to be invented in the year 1738 and still consider nowadays.

The process of Sencha tea is from fresh tea leaves down to the factories and steam automatically.It undergone  a lot of drying and rolling during the process.The taste of this tea is a fresh deep light green tea.

Some of the suggested Sencha Tea available at Amazon


  • Ito En Sencha Shot
  • Maeda-en Japanese Sencha Green Tea
  • Harney & Sons Japanese Sencha Green Tea
  • Uendure Sencha Loose Leaf Green Tea


2.Gyokuro Green Tea

This is the most expensive green tea that come from Japan because of how these plants grow.And this is the only tea that has its own way of brewing just to get the best tea you can have.Also many people are not aware about the brewing process of this gyokuro tea.

The main processor of these variety of tea is from Fukuoka and Kyoto.These teas are grown through shades.It has great and rich in taste too.

Some of the suggested Sencha Tea available at Amazon


  • Tealyra – Gyokuro Ureshinocha – Japanese Green Tea
  • Gyokuro Green Tea From Famous Japanese Unami Green Tea


3.Kabuse-cha Tea

This green tea variety are also grown in shades but it last for a short period of time like 10 days.It has a character that you will surely appreciate because its mild and fresh taste.

This is somehow same process with Sencha Tea like it undergone a rolling procedure that enhances the flavor.

4.Matcha  Tea

This powderized delicious tea is like a sacred tea to most Japanese people because this is included to some ceremonial events in Japan.This tea was introduced mainly by monk from zen and has the critical processed of using stone to make it powder.

Matcha tea is from Tencha plant before it underwent the procedure.This kind of tea is widely used by many people,restaurants,cafe and other establishments that offers matcha drinks or any matcha food.

Some of the suggested Sencha Tea available at Amazon


  • Jade Leaf Matcha Green Tea Powder
  • Starter Matcha (16oz/453g)
  • The Republic Of Tea Double Green Matcha
  • Zen Spirit Matcha Green Tea Powder Organic
  • Matcha DNA Certified Organic Matcha Green Tea





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