Best Hot Tea for Sore Throat

Best Herbal Hot Tea for Sore Throat

Sore throat is the feeling of uneasiness to swallow something in your mouth and passing to the throat.The pain is tolerable but it brings comfortless to the esophagus.Many believed that to ease the feeling you should drink some soothing tea that will make you feel relax and calm.

A lot of people has proven and tested the effectiveness of this tea herbs that can improve the feeling in your sore throat.It brings a lot to your health condition and is very beneficial to alleviates ones health.

Some people add a bit of honey to their teas because study shows that honey contain an element that can kill those bacterias present in your throat.It acts as an antibacterial agent when intake to the body.You can check below our listed herbal teas that is easy to prepare and is available anytime.

1.Slippery Elm Tea

This tea is known to be the most natural cure for so many illness.It has mucilage that became watery gel if added to water.Those gel helps in giving the throat a relax feeling and protect the throat from pain.

This therapeutic tea can surely let you feel relax and calm for a moment if you’re experiencing hard time swallowing because of the illness.This tea is also helpful to many diseases and that can improve the condition of the body.

  • Helps proper bowel movement
  • Can soothe cough and sore throat
  • Improves urinary tract infection
  • Improves heart inflammation

2.Licorice Root Tea

Consider as an effective remedy to your sore throat and can be relieving if you drink it often.This can be taken anytime of the day and you can actually use it like gargle in your throat and it will surely ease the ache.

You can take at least a cup of this tea and just drink if you can carry the water temperature and gargle it in your throat.Then spit the water after how many seconds.This will surely be the most light feeling if you have sore throat.

Licorice tea is beneficial to anyone but you need to take the advice from a practitioner to make sure that there’s no side effects upon drinking the tea especially if you have other health case.Some of the benefits that you may acquire from drinking licorice tea.

  • Improves your stomach condition
  • Improves respiratory system
  • Lower the stress level
  • Reduce the risk of cancer
  • Alleviates the skin and dental condition

3.Horehound Tea

This high antioxidant herb can also be helpful if you have sore throat.It has the characteristics to lower down the pain because of its property as anti-inflammatory herb.It can be best also if you have colds since this will surely make you calm.


It works as an expectorant while you have cough and can ease those soreness in your throat.There are a lot of horehound tea which are available in many drugstore near you but if you’re looking for something natural and 100% herb tea,you can just grab this plant and brew it.


Some beneficial effect of horehound tea to the body.

  • Helps you in bronchitis
  • Helps you if you have nausea
  • Motivate your appetite
  • Let you feel relief if you have cough,colds,flu and sore throat


4.Chamomile Tea

This very popular herb tea has been the most know tea to many tea lovers because of its richness and fullness of the flavor.It’s not just the taste but the benefits it brings to the body.You can always have this cup of chamomile tea if you suffer sore throat.This can be relieving and best remedy if you have one.

Study shown that this tea has been tested for so many illness and known to be very effective in curing and giving relief to such condition.This tea act as a high lubricant to the throat if you feel soreness and uneasiness to swallow.It has an anti-inflammation feature that may help you cope up the pain.

It is also known as antioxidant to the body and can help your cells produce and protect your body away from those harmful toxins.You can also get benefit from this tea by just inhaling the aroma.

You may enjoy this tea and get the benefits out from it by the following.

  • Regulate your blood sugar level
  • Relieves from any pain like headache and sore throat
  • Improves your digestive system
  • Reduce the risk of cancer

5.Turmeric Tea

This tea is also consider as a kind of ginger that brings goodness and wellness to anyone who drink this beverage.This dried ground spicy tea can be so relieving if drink because it can be soothing and relaxing to the throat.

You just need a boiled water and after few seconds you can simmer and strain this tea in a can also add a bit of honey to taste it sweet.this delicious tea can be so potential as antioxidant and can surely gives easiness to the pain in your throat.

The following are the list of benefits you can get from drinking this tea.

  • Reduce the risk of cancer
  • Alleviate colds and flu
  • It promotes regulation of the blood
  • Good as antioxidants
  • Gives relief to sore throat

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