• best home coffee roaster

    The best home coffee roaster

    Roasting is a process of art and science. It really conveys the great fragrance of aroma and rich taste of it. Roasting is a process where the taste and quality of coffee beans remains. So in roasting coffee, you need to consider some of the Coffee Roaster that will not let the quality of coffee gone.

    You may consider the following machines in buying best coffee roaster for your coffee beans.

    1.Behmor 1600 Plus Customizable Drum Coffee Roaster

    This machine is the world’s no.1 for full pound capability that can be available in your home. It has speed control for the drum and thermostat during roasting of coffee beans. The parts are easy to use and easy to detach for cleaning. This coffee roaster is not good for french, vienna and italian coffee beans.

    Some of its features:

    • It roast 1 pound each batch
    • It has 5 customized profile setting is roasting ( efficient cooling, chaff and chaff tray removal, easy cleaning interior)
    • Product Dimension : 9 x 9 x 15.2 inches
    • Item Weight: 22.4 pounds

    Those who bought this product has their own points of view. Those who rated 4-5 stars are most happy and satisfied.

    • Settings are nice and convenient
    • Heat doesn’t go away automatically when roasting
    • Hardwares functioned well
    • The roast bean turned out right and just even
    • Highly recommended product because of its fine and perfect roasting
    • The product is engineered properly and well designed
    • Easy to clean and use.

    While some are satisfied, you should be aware to some issues of this machine that many other customers who bought the product can testify.

    • An error appears if go beyond 10 minutes
    • The result is not consistent as the time you use the machine
    • The machine can’t handle to roast about 1lb.
    • The roaster will make a smoke not good in your kitchen
    • Manuals are not useful


    You will be pleased by this product because the price is right.It’s worth the value. The hardware and some technical parts of this product are working perfectly fine and that you will enjoy your great coffee roasting from the start until the end.

    But in some cases most their are customers find the item not helpful and not convenient resulting them to give as low as 2 stars for the product.

    2.BOCABOCA Coffee Bean Roaster 250 Home Roasting Machine

    This coffee bean roasting machine is such a noiseless machine that you can enjoy while roasting your beans. The glass is transparent and it’s resistant from heat. You can visibly see the process through the glass.

    Some product Features:

    • The material is wood
    • It has a transparent glass and noiseless during operation
    • Just right and even while roasting
    • It has a good power and efficiency in electricity
    • Durable and Easy cooling time


    This product is definitely a try for your kitchen because of its characteristics, capacity, and efficiency of the product. Plus the convenient way that it brings to not just to your family but for everybody especially to those people who are on-the-go.


    3.Nesco CR-1010-PR Coffee Bean Roaster, Black

    The NESCO Coffee Bean Roaster is like bringing your dream come true. It produces a fresh and consistent quality of coffee while roasting. The taste of richness and smoothness of coffee remains the same because of this special machine.

    You will be surprise and learn how efficient and effective this machine is. The operation is easy and fast. The uniformity and evenly roasted beans are totally incredible for your coffee at home

    You will surely achieve the best and just right coffee roasted. For 30 minutes you can roast up to ⅓ lb of coffee beans and that’s good for about 36 cups.

    Some of its features:

    • Achieve 30 minutes of roasting for a good cup of coffee
    • It makes 36 cups of coffee
    • It roast dark coffee beans
    • Product Dimensions :13 x 9 x 12 inches
    • Item Eight : 5.8 pounds

    Those who bought this product has their own points of view. Those who rated 4-5 stars are most happy and satisfied.

    • Freshness of the roast is consistent
    • The machine is well functioned
    • Easy to use and easy to clean
    • Price is right – worth the value!
    • Works well as advertised
    • After ordering the item,it arrives after 2 days.Perfect!

    While some are satisfied, you should be aware to some issues of this machine that many other customers who bought the product can testify.

    • Some of the parts are not working properly
    • After 50 uses it crashed
    • It’s not suitable for 1lb per week
    • After 5 months of using it stopped working
    • Roasting time is longer
    • The design is poor
    • Some of the parts can’t be bought at the market


    This advanced coffee roaster is best at your home. It offers convenience and easy operation for having a cup of coffee or more. The result is good and the taste is flavorful

    However, you should be aware that some of the customers who bought the product have some advice that may help in buying this product. You should be aware that it overheats as you consistently used it. Sometimes cleaning process is hard and other parts of the product, if it’s not working, can’t be bought at the market.




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