Best High Tea in New York City

Tea are best for relaxing or if you’re just want to have some cup of drinks. The unique blend and rich flavor of tea will make you alert and keep you going whole day.

While enjoying teas your body acquire all the nutrients and other beneficial effect in drinking teas. Plus the happiness it brings because of the calm effect of those teas.

Drinking your best teas will also depend on the maker and manufacturer. It also depend on how those teas handed properly during the process. Here I’ll give you some ideas where you can find the best tea in New York the land of good food.

1.Bosie Tea Parlor – 10 Morton Street New York, NY 212.352.9900

This tea parlor serves and has available 100 variety of teas where you can enjoy a lot. This tea spot is the best to spend your afternoon time. The ambiance is relaxing and the crews inside the shop are accommodating and conversant.

They also serves other menus like sandwiches and pastries. The food is great and the teas are exceptional because of their black teas and some herbal combination which is customized and will surely suit to your taste.

The service staffs are highly recommended and they work fast.No hustle in waiting. The place is very comfortable to whom you want to spend your time. Desserts are are highly recommended because it is delicious and rich.


  • Grey Mille Crepe
  • Darjeeling Tart
  • Try their cacao tea
  • Try their Butterfly Pea Tea
  • Try their Turmeric Ginger Rooibos

2.Ladurée Soho – 398 W Broadway New York, NY 646.392.7868

This french restaurant offers exceptional tea you can have. It has a great service and the staffs are friendly. The ambiance is really awesome because of its garden design inside the shop.

This is an absolute place for you to spend your afternoon session with friends, colleagues, family and even just working with your laptop. The desserts are amazing and delicious specially the macaroons. The positive atmosphere will make your relax and calm.   

The place is spacious and cozy. You can have a pot of tea for only $7.50 though it’s a bit expensive but you will not regret every sipping you made in the cup.


  • Macaroons (Rose Petal, orange blossom,marie antoinette)
  • Jardin Bleu Royal Black Tea

3.Harney & Sons Cafe – 433 Broome Street New York, NY 212.933.4853

You will absolutely enjoy the many options of teas right to their counter. You can choose a lot of teas on their menu book. You can have white or Japanese green teas or their own decaffeinated teas everyday.

This place is wonderful though it’s not that big but very cozy and comfortable. Crews and staff are all competent and friendly. They have sample room where you can actually taste their two complimentary teas.

This place is perfect for those who love to drink tea. And you will not definitely be hustle because they have a huge parking lot. Other food serves are excellent though a bit pricey but it’s worth the value.


  • Jodie Sandwich (Ceasar Salads)
  • Bangkok and Genmaicha (a combination of coconut,vanilla,ginger,and lemongrass)
  • Vegetable Curry Bowl

4.Cha-an Teahouse – 230 E 9th Street, 2nd Floor New York, NY 212.228.8030

This place is perfect to spend your time after a long busy week together with some good friends or just by yourself. This Japanese inspired teahouse has the best design and style in their shop. You can see lanterns, floral styles.

Here you can always have their best matcha in New York. It’s best to pair with some of their delicious menu. This tea shop has always offer their natural and 100% tea which is very rich and compact in taste.

You can also order some asian desserts which is very strong in flavor and a well balanced of sweet. You will surely love to come back this place over and over again because of the great ambiance and and the beautiful decor which is relaxing. Some other areas in the shop like the bathroom are super neat and clean.


  • The chocolate soufflé
  • Black sesame crème brûlée
  • Deluxe matcha latte
  • Yukimi Zenzai with red bean porridge
  • Scarlet glow tea

5.Tea and Milk – 32-02 34th Avenue Queens, NY 347.921.2056

In the this shop you will likely to taste the classic blend of tea. It defines the flavors and textures of the tea brews uniquely.

This shop is the first ever tea and milk concept in New York City. The menus are properly planned to just served just the best. This place is great for meeting with friends and colleagues.

This place is like a reward to yourself after a long busy day. Teas are freshly brewed and the quality is superb. You can never get wrong in choosing this shop because of crews and service staffs who are accommodating and helpful to the customers.

Aside from teas you can pair it with other menus available from pastries to croissants.


  • White Peach Lychee
  • Nilgiri Milk Tea
  • Rooibos Herbal Tea
  • All time favorite – Signature Taro Root Milk Tea

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