Best Herbal Tea for Menstrual Cramps

Menstruation is just normal with many girls and women out there but menstruation accompanied by pain is seriously uncomfortable to the feeling and sometimes devastating because you can’t do the things you want to accomplish on that day.

But of course you need to undergo those menstrual period unless you are pregnant you have your excuse. Having those pain during menstruation can be help by many available pain reliever that you can actually buy in the pharmacy or drugstore.But there are women willing to take those home remedy naturally and known to be the best and safest way to ease the pain during menstruation.

Thank goodness,we have researched the top 5 best tea for menstrual cramps and is very convenient and accessible if you are experiencing such pain.Please take a look on these.

1.Peppermint Tea

Aside from being helpful to improve some respiratory system, it is also known that peppermint tea is tremendously beneficial to many women during their menstruation.This powerful peppermint tea can ease the fatigue and cramps due to menstruation.

The menthol in peppermint tea brings goodness and soothing feeling during menstruation cramps. The antispasmodic features of this tea will cure the uterus muscles and relieve the uneasiness you feel.

METHOD OF DRINKING: Drink at least 2-3 times everyday during or before your period and you will surely feel the progress of pain.

2.Cinnamon Tea

The antispasmodic feature contain in this cinnamon tea is also the reason that this tea is best in easing menstrual cramps and other menstrual pain.It laso works as anti inflammatory resulting to subside the pain during those days in your menstruation.

Cinnamon tea will let you relax and is soothing to the body that will allow you to rest during menstruation.This tea is best to drink everyday while having your menstrual cramps.

METHOD OF DRINKING:Add the cinnamon to a boiled water for about 15 minutes.You can add honey and milk or sugar to adjust your taste.And you can always pair cinnamon tea to pancakes,porridge and other smoothies.

3.Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

This Red Raspberry Leaf Tea is such a helpful plant to many ladies out there.This is also considered the best herb for women.

Due to some imbalances of hormones it may cause Premenstrual syndrome or PMS.This tea plays a big role in cleansing the excess blood and other irregularities in the hormone. Surely this tea will relieves all the pain and discomfortness during menstruation cause by cramps.

This will be your helpmate if you’re a serious bleeders because it will tighten some pelvic part and may reduce the pain.

METHOD OF DRINKING:You can start drinking this Red Raspberry Leaf Tea for about 1-2 weeks and you can go on drinking until your menstruation stop or for those women experiencing heavy menstruation you can drink it until it slows down.

4.Fennel tea

Just exactly with the statement above the main cause of PMS is the imbalances of hormones. The emmenagogue is one of the feature that promotes and alleviates the flow of the blood.This features will help you soothe and relax during your period.

This tea has a characteristic as pain reliever do. This is best paired with ginger powder to boost more the capacity of this tea to heal pain.This can be prepare easily and no hustle so you can have it anytime of the day.

METHOD OF DRINKING:In a boiling water you can add the fennel seeds and infused it for 5 minutes while the heat is low. Then strain the seeds.You can also add some sweeteners to adjust the taste.

5.Ginger tea

If you’re really having a bad pain during menstruation you can prepare this easy home remedy as pain reliever. This performs just like ibuprofen that you can buy in pharmacy.

A study result that drinking ginger often during menstruation can ease the pain and help improves your health during those times.This can be relieving and satisfying to the feeling during the period.

If you’re having issue with drinking ginger tea you may want to consult your physician before continuing it so that there will be no trouble as time come.

METHOD OF DRINKING:Just boil the ginger in a pot for 15 minutes. You can strain the ginger and rink or you can add other flavorful taste like honey and lemon for best result.

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