Best Green Teas in China

Green teas are known to be the most healthy tea and has the wide beneficial effect to our body if taken regularly and with proper eating habit as well as the lifestyle. It promotes good health and will allow your body to rejuvenate from all the radicals around you.

Green tea is about freshness and richness.The aroma of floral and grassy taste brings wellness to anyone drinking.After a long process of green teas you will surely not regret the influence it brings to you health.

Here,I will going to list some of the best green teas in China since teas are knowingly originated from the place. It is also said that China has the best tea ever in the world.They also have the finest green tea. You may want to consider these Chinese green teas the second time you buy one.

1.TaiPing HouKui Green Tea

TaiPing HouKui has been known to be as favorite to many people. The richness and the intensity of its taste are exactly perfect for a cup of tea. It has also a natural sweet best for anyone.

For some tea drinkers they find this processed tea as a little light flavor which is best recommended to everyone.

To those tea drinkers who wants the best green tea,this is exactly what you are looking for.

How to brew:

  • Boil water up to 85 degrees
  • Add 2 teaspoonful of the leaves per cup
  • You need to cover the leaves ¬†for 1 minute
  • Drink and enjoy!
  • Good for more infusion

Place: Anhui, China

2.First Flush Mao Feng Yunnan Green Tea

You will surely love and you will not regret about this green tea. The taste will make you awake and it produces light and nutty flavor.It has a bold and has a natural sweet taste that will stay in your senses.It offers a satisfying and relaxing feeling everytime you drink this tea.

This tea has its great and fresh flavor that will satisfy your thirst and deliciously refreshing to the mouth.

How to brew:

  • Boil water up to 80 degrees
  • Add 2 teaspoonful of the leaves per cup
  • Infused for 2 minutes
  • Drink and enjoy!
  • Good for up to 2-3 infused

Place: Yunnan, China

3.West Lake Dragon Well Tea

You will surely enjoy the mild flavor and satisfying aroma of this tea. It is also known to be famous green tea in the land of China. The process of this tea is carefully handed by the artisans to feel the dryness and will feel the heat of the hands.

This tea acquire the characteristics of fresh,crisp,flavorful and aromatic tea that anyone could ever have.This tea can also be prepared through cold brew.

How to brew:

  • Boiled water
  • Add the leaves according to your need
  • Infused for 2-3 minutes
  • Drink and enjoy!

Place:Hangzhou, China

4.Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea

This jasmine tea will alleviate your senses and will make you change to a better mood.The aroma of this tea makes you calm and relax allowing you to manage the stress level. This tea is known to used by many imperials and high hierarchy people in the past century.

This tea improves your appetite, it allows proper digestion, it improves skin texture and structure, and also this may help you cope up mentally especially dealing with some life issues.

How to brew:

  • Boiled water should not higher than 90 degrees
  • Add at least 4 grams of jasmine pearl tea
  • Infused for only 1 minute
  • Good for up to 2-3 infused
  • Drink and enjoy!

Place:Fujian, China

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