best dual zone wine cooler

The best dual zone wine cooler to try!

Have you been a wine fanatic? Rather, a new wine drinker? If you are one of these, then maybe you have some storage to make your wine remains its quality and coolness. Once you preferred to drink a wine, a cooling place is required. You need a refrigerator to make you maintain its freshness. Choosing the best wine cooler is quite tricky like when you are choosing which wines you want to buy. However, a wine fridge is the best option to pick. Since there’s a lot of wine fridges are now available, the best to try is a double zone wine cooler. This is especially valid if your appreciation for wine isn’t simply restricted to only one kind of wine. A decent double zone wine cooler basically gives you the certainty of realizing that every one of your wines can be stock up the way it should be, in a controlled temperature condition that jams their openness and quality.


The clearest and prominent advantage of using a double zone wine cooler is what double zone wine coolers were deliberately worked to convey. That is the capacity to store diverse sorts of wines at their ideal temperatures. Presently, if you’ve haunted a solo temperature zone wine cooler that is equipped more towards putting away red wines, you’ll normally know about its capacity to sneak in some wines. The most vital thought to remember is that wines aren’t intended to be hotter than a specific point and maybe anything underneath their ideal temperature stockpiling range is still fine. Double zone wine coolers go past exposed nuts and bolts, however, concentrating more on putting away your wines at their best temperatures to keep up their quality. This is so that those put-away wines are continually prepared for emptying and pleasure.

If you want to buy a wine cooler, try to consider this list to choose which dual wine zone cooler is the best pick. This will help you to enable you to settle on the exact decision in picking the best double zone wine cooler for your particular wine stockpiling needs.

Haier 12-Bottle Dual Zone Curved Door


If you’re organizing a wine gathering of around twelve jugs of your most loved reds and whites, this Haier 12 Bottle Dual Zone is the best option you can try. This will easily give you the required stockpiling and show space. This unit isn’t well known in vain. It’s reasonable and sturdily fabricated, highlighting a smooth back complete to its dark cabinetry. The 2 temperature zones are separated into the upper cooling compartment and the lower compartment. These zones are individually perfect for red and white wine chilling. An advanced temperature show plainly recognizing the two cooling zones take into concern precisely checking of the inner temperatures, while genuine wine experts will acknowledge great stickiness control that jams their wines at ideal situations.

Koldfront 24 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler (with Free Standing)


If you have a 24 bottle of wine and don’t know where to stock it up, this 24 bottle zone wine cooler is ideal for you. This is particularly valid in case you’re searching for a decent double zone cooler. The characteristic of decent double zone wine cooler lives by the way it conveys at work it was planned to do and this Koldfront does as such proficiently. It additionally includes tons of class and tastefulness to any inside in which it is found. The two temperature zones extending from 54 – 66F top and 46 – the 66F base will keep a total of 24 of your reds and whites chilled to flawlessness. These temperatures are effectively observed and arranged by means of the LCD alteration and show board.

Silent 18 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator

by Wine Enthusiast


This double zone wine ice chest from Wine Enthusiast wine cooler will get you feeling that it was particularly intended to fit impeccably into little inside spaces. It looks extremely appealing too with its intelligent surface smoked glass entryway, completed off with a tasteful stainless steel trim. If you have 18 bottles of assorted reds and whites are fit in this 7 chrome racks of this zone wine cooler with 10 at the top and 8 at the base.

HomeImage Dual-Zone ThermoElectric Wine Cooler


This 18-bottle cooler achieves its definitive resting place in your insides; your increasing wine selection will be safely put away and delightfully showed. Thermoelectric cooling innovation yields temperature scopes of 44-64F in the upper zone and 52-64F in the lower zone. These are improved conditions for the two reds and whites in your gathering. An auto-defrost include influences cooling for tapping a strict breeze and you’ll to appreciate somewhat more storage space for typical wine fridges in this value extend since normal wine fridges of this size and cost for the most part store 16 bottles.

NEWAIR AW-320ED 32-Bottle Thermoelectric Cooler


This 32-bottle double zone wine cooler place the normal by a method for the original of double zone cooling. You get ideal productivity in cooling diverse wines with various temperatures go prerequisites. You can get exact, continuous temperature support, with each zone getting a charge out of a tremendous scope of 46F to 66F. You were very astonished that a moderately vast limit cooler was worked with thermoelectric cooling innovation instead of pressure cooling. However, that has great ramifications for the globe as there are no ozone-debilitating CFCs and HCFCs.


  1. Which of this wine cooler is the best to store different assorted wines? Any of the 5 on the list is ideal to try to store wines.
  2.  Are all this affordable? Yes definitely!

The Conclusion

Now you already found the best double zone wine cooler that is common centers around its essential capacity of offering two autonomous temperature zones. This highlight is ideal stockpiling temperatures for both red and white wines and the capacity to effectively screen and change those temperatures as the need surface. Practically every other component is only a reward; however, you’ll be all around encouraged to search for stability despite the essential double temp zone quality.


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