Best Detox Tea for Weight Loss in 2018

Everyday we are bombarded with different throws in life. And it is very important to know and keep something that is healthy, relaxed and at the same time tasty that will take good care of your working body.

A cup of good tea will help you cope up in your everyday life. It will renew your immune system and detoxify unnecessary thing inside your body.

Here are some picks of best cleansing tea that will suit your personality.

1.Mate Factor Functional Herbal Blends Detox Medley with Turmeric 20 Bag

This full herbs tea will surely wake your senses and will give you lots of health benefits. This caffeine free tea is exactly the way you want to have a cup of tea. The taste is exceptional and will satisfy every sip you have.

The amazing ingredients combine is superb and irresistibly good enough. You can have especially after a heavy meal. The taste is warm best for cinnamon or lemon.

If you have some digestive problem this tea is good for you.


  • 20 tea bags in a box
  • Ingredients
      • Sarsaparilla
      • Fennel
      • Turmeric
      • Ginger
      • Dandelion Root
      • Burdock
      • Anise
      • Coriander
      • Licorice
      • Cardamom
      • Black Pepper


This tea is best serve every meal. It has 20 bags in a box best for budget for 20 days if you’re having it 1 bag a day. You can put some cinnamon or lemon for best taste but you can drink it as it is.

2.Traditional Medicinals Organic Nighty Night Valerian Tea, 16 Tea Bags

This tea is best for those who have lack of sleep because this tea will definitely give you a good night sleep. This is proven and tested of non GMO content. The taste is mild, sweet, and minty with pleasant aroma.It creates a calming and relax feeling. It relieves tension and pressure.

This tea is carefully created by herbalist. They are responsible in testing the quality of the plant. This product supports traditional medicines promoting best herbal supplement.


  • Free from chemicals
  • 16 tea bags in a box
  • It has a combination of  valerian, passionflower, and lemon balm


If you are having problem in sleeping, tensions and stress this tea is best for you. This tea is carefully handed by experts in herbals that ensures good quality of tea. It has somewhat a taste of bitterness,mild and sweet.

3.The Republic Of Tea Be Well Red Rooibos Tea – Get Charged – No. 3 Herb Tea For Energy, 250 Tea Bag Bulk

This tea will boost you mental and physical attributes. The ingredients on this tea enhances your energy level and wil help you going all day long.

The taste is great and just right. It is best to add a little os Stevia to reduce the unsweetened taste. This is best to eliminate some carbohydrates in your body. Some says that it cures sore throats. It is a flavorful tea that you will surely enjoy especially during tension.

This tea is a lot cheaper than other teas.  This tea will definitely help you if you’re getting sick.


This tea has better taste it does clean and detoxify your system. You;re immune system will boost a lot if you’re taking it often.

To those athletics person you can have this tea anytime you want because this will definitely improves your stamina.

4.Baetea 14 Day Teatox Detox Herbal Tea Supplement (14 Tea Bags)

This tea is best if you feel bloated and full . This tea offers a lot to your digestive system. You can include this tea in your diet regimen. You can follow the 14 day detox. This tea is best accompanied by exercise and proper eating. And believe it your weight will definitely drop down to your desire weight.

This tea will also increase your energy and you will feel better as days go by.


  • Not laxative
  • You can have it anytime
  • Price is worth value of your money
  • Flavorful and tasty
  • Helps in losing weight


There are lot of teas out there for losing weight but this one will surely help you make it fast.

You can follow the 14 day detoxification together with proper exercise and eating habit, this tea will absolutely answer all your worries. You can drink this tea anytime of the day. Also in buying this tea you will be satisfy and a lot cheaper.

5.Yogi Herbal Tea Bags, Berry Detox 16 ea

This tea has a sweet blend combine with very perfect for a cup of tea. This herbal tea has a fruity and bright antioxidants helps your body cope up in many radicals.

You can enjoy this tea everyday as part of your healthy lifestyle. This tea will help you feel renewed again physically and mentally.


  • Created to cure some illness
  • It helps release toxic in the body
  • Main ingredients
      • Hibiscus
      • Super fruit Açaí Berry


This tea will help you revitalized your immune system. It will help fight to release all the bad things inside your body.

This is a Chinese tea that is dedicated to help the humanities in their healthy living. This tea is one of the making tea you can have.The price is right and the taste will meet your expectation.

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