best craft beer bars in chicago

The Best Craft Beer Bars in Chicago

Most of the people in Chicago is a beer-lover. Chicago is known for its town that has a lot of people love to drink beers. There are new craft bottling works opening up each day, and brewpubs by the drove to satisfy the perceiving consumer. However, in some cases, you would prefer not to be constrained to only one bottling works or to neighborhood brews as well. These lager bars aren’t fixing to a brewery, a brand or a specific style. They take the best brew they can discover from everywhere throughout the nation and or the globe and minister records that are ensured to have something for each kind of lager sweetheart. So, in case you are hoping to drink a craft beers, you already know where to go. Chicago is one of the ideal places to discovers different bars for your favorite style of craft beers!


Many people love to visit the place in Chicago since this country have different places to must visit. Including their most extraordinary bars. The Chicago bars in this area has offered so many great beers through many years with regards to brew. Nowadays a strong selection of specialty lager on tap is a standard belief instead of the exemption to the regulation This likewise implies it winds up increasingly hard for bars to emerge on the benefits of their lager match. With regards to the bars that transcend the rest, that dependably conveys that superb there are such a large number of brews here in Chicago that everyone should attempt with and of course, for you to do that, you should simply know what are the best bars to drop by in case you want a tour in Chicago. Look no more! The list below will help you to discover which bars are ideal for you to drink the best beer found in Chicago!



Indeed, Fountainhead is ensured to hold its place on the list of Chicago’s best brew bars. They have an unimaginable fastener estimated list of lagers, with an attention on elusive little bunch keeps running from creating craft brew makers. In the mid-year, the housetop has its own brew list, with a can-overwhelming rundown loaded with some lighter, harsh selections of brews. Furthermore, Fountainhead Market nearby has an awesome selection of brews to go. So, if you are looking for the extraordinary taste of beers, the Fountained is not an exemption to it.

Map Room


If you live in Chicago and one of the beer lovers out there, then you probably heard about this Map Room. This bar is not classy, there are not some knobs or artificial historic stamps on the divider, the stylistic theme is generally knocking knobs and the chairs of the bar are essential cowhide. In any case, when you find into that flask-ceilinged room and release the carte du jour for your choice, and you will discover the perfect place to drink beer. The Map Room has an excess of 200 sorts of the brew. In addition, they have a morning menu with baked goods, espresso, and breakfast sandwiches. It’s an astute bar that the two causes your aftereffect and encourages you to recoup.



This Hopleaf mix bar was one of the amazing claims to fame ale spots you can discover in Chicago. Starting there they’ve grown as a well-known bar, but, at an extremely fundamental level, nothing has changed. It’s the place to go for Belgian-style lagers — there is an entire menu of them—and there be worthy of famous Moules Frites. Jump whatever blend style is on the menu and keep running with standard Belgian, steamed in a mix and gave crisp fries to sprinkle up the fruit juice.



One of the most popular beer bars in Chicago is this Maria’s. This exemplary old plunge bar-turned-goal has enchanted guests for a lot of years and has potentially the longest lager list in the whole city. Maria’s beer bar is justified regardless of the take. At the point when their hotly anticipated clean Korean combination eatery release presently on spring seasons to improve. So, if you live in Chicago, then probably the Maria’s is one of your choices. Right?



This has it’s kind of half store and a half bistro. In any case, once you drop in this bars you will feel enchanted by their moderate space and the snatch and-go-and-drink part of the place. Any brew nerd who strolls into their enormous cooler part. In addition, they have a decent turning tap list, so it’s not reasonable to reject them as only a store. Get a jug of one of their in excess of 300 brews, bring whatever food you need and taste a while.


  1. Do they also offer wine rather than beer instead? I’m not quite sure about that since they call it a beer bar.
  2. Do they also accept walk-in customers? Yes of course!
  3. Are they also offer a lot of craft beers in an only single bar? Yes. Once you visit that place you can discover different selections when it comes to beer.

Final Thought

We all know that Chicago is a big city that every person love to live with. But not only this place has an exemplary scene with regards to their place. Chicago has progressed significantly from being a post-move, bourbon and-lager town Actually, nowadays, the city’s bar scene flourishes with imaginative barkeeps and mixologists trying different things with fixings, methods, and nationalities. where newly mixed drink nooks open consistently—for energetic tiki drinks, there’s something for everybody. And now, barkeepers and some bar owners also offering different, or should I say a lot of selection in craft beer bars. So, no matter what places you live in, if you have a tour in the Beer country all over the world, the Chicago is the best place to come with!



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