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Are you one of the coffee lovers that love’s an espresso flavor? If you are looking for a coffee machine that is very reliable in making your favorite coffee, then you are in the right corner! I have a list of the best Espresso Coffee Machine that you should try! This list of machines are the best! It has an automatic functions and can give you a very fresh and tasty flavoured of coffee.
This coffee machines are available on Amazon and I also provided important details and descriptions about each of the product. All of this product I have listed are ranked with 3 or more stars.

  1. Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Coffee Machine

This Breville Barista Express Espresso Coffee Machine is the best coffee machine for keeping the full flavor of the coffee bean. It comes with conical burr grinder and dose control. It grinds, dose and extract the beans for you to capture the best and  freshness of your favorite espresso in just a minute!

It makes amazing espresso everyday, and as long as you can keep it clean it will surely perform beautifully. This coffee machine is also easier to maintain and it requires less and easy cleaning than the other espresso machines. You just have to clean this machine with those dissolvable tablets when it’s needed to be clean. It also comes with a tamper and is perfect for this, the burr grinder works really well and if you are trying to make an espresso without this is very impossible. This machine is not just good at making espresso but also great for making sweet frappuccinos and iced drinks you just have to experiment on how to use it properly.

  • 15 Bar Italian Pump and 1600W Thermo coil heating system
  • The Purge Function: Automatically adjusts water temperature after steam for optimal espresso extraction temperature
  • 67 fl.oz (2L) removable water tank with handle
  • Newer model of the Breville BES860XL Barista Express
  • The Built-in Conical Grinder with 1/2 lb with sealed bean hopper allows you to grind only what you need directly into the portafilter, is is fully adjustable to the size you want.
  • The patented Razor dosing tool trims the puck for consistent extraction and the PID digital temperature control delivers accurate water temperature.
  • The Controls helps you customize the volume of your shot.
  • It comes with all the accessories you need.


2. Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind & Brew Thermal 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker

This coffee maker grinds and brewed as its best it can make wonderful and flavorful coffee you always wanted. It is  an automatic coffee machine with a very easy steps for using. The tray of the coffee stays hot for a very long period of time and it doesn’t taste burnt even if it stays hot. The cleaning for this coffee machine after 5 pots or more is very easy and it comes with a brush!

It is perfect for espresso lovers because you can make a perfect one with just pressing the buttons! You don’t have to turn it off on your own because it will turn off automatically and that’s the best feature of this coffee maker. This coffee maker measures 10-2/3 by 8-4/9 by 16-1/4 inches and carries a three-year limited warranty for you. You will surely not regret investing your money for this amazing coffee maker because it will surely make your every morning amazing by the coffee it makes.

  • It comes with a 24 hour fully programmable coffee maker with an auto-shutoff, a brew-pause feature, and Grind off function
  • The Double-wall that insulated stainless steel thermal carafe with a very comfortable grip handle that can hold up to 12 cups of coffee.
  • The built-in automatic burr grinder and the 8 ounce bean hopper can hold a half pound of beans. Its has a strength selector and control for the grind to fine-tune intensity and volume of the machine
  • It also includes, Charcoal water filter and permanent gold tone filter that ensures only the freshest coffee flavor flows through. Measuring scoop and Instruction book
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards.
  • Note: Pg 10 from the user manual notes the proper way to place and lock the carafe lid for brewing and pouring


3. DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine 

Being a barista in your own home is not a problem if you have this DeLonghi Magnifica Super-Automatic 

Espresso/Coffee Machine. You can make a perfect espresso, cappuccinos and lattes anytime and serve it with your friends without any mistake. The steps are very easy, just place the container with milk under the nozzle to create a very creamy and rich froth and this magnifica coffee machine does all the work for you! You just have to wait for it to be finish.

You can also select whether you want a whole beans or a ground coffee because this coffee maker does both of this! There is also a cup size option for your ideal flavors and with just pressing the coffee-strength settings you everyone can get the taste of coffee they want. This machine comes with an easy control manual that you can easily understand, a cup warmer and a removable drip tray.

  • Patented “Cappuccino System” frother that mixes steam and milk to create a rich, creamy froth
  • Easy-to-use rotary and push button control panel with programmable menu settings
  • It Grinds the beans instantly with the patented, compact and easy-to-clean “Direct-to-Brew” system. To create your perfect espresso you can just use your favorite coffee beans. For best grinder performance the beans with less visible oil, usually a medium roast are recommended.
  • Professional-quality, conical low-pitch burr grinder with adjustable grind fineness
  1. 7 Pc All-In-One Espresso/Cappuccino Machine

This coffee machine is ready to use in just 45 seconds! You just have to add beans and there! It has 7 pieces sets that  will complete all the needs for brewing a perfect coffee.

  • 15-BAR Pump Espresso Machine
  • Measuring Spoon & Tamper
  • 120V Plug-in Electric Bean Grinder
  • High Quality Ceramic Cups (2x)
  • Stainless Steel High Quality Filter
  • Stainless Steel Milk Frothing Cup

And this coffee machine comes with a very amazing features

  • Thermoblock Heating System– for Quickly and efficiently ready for use in under 45 seconds
  • 15-Bar Pump System– For best and creamy tasting cream topped espresso
  • Plug-In Electric Coffee Grinder– for a perfect grind
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Filter – design for the perfect crema
  • Heating Tray – it will help warm your cup while you are preparing your espresso
  • LED Indicators – confirms when power is on and ready to brew/steam
  • Easy View Removable Water Tank w/ Handle – Conveniently monitor water levels
  • Stainless Steel Milk Frothing Cup – for preparing a creamy Latte or Cappuccino
  • Easy Clean Removable Drip Tray – For easy cleaning and rinsing
  • Safe and Reliable – Overheating and overpressure protection device

This machine is very compact, very easy to use and very easy to clean it is also a very good grinder for traveling so you can enjoy your tasty coffee while you are on your vacation. This machine really makes a great killer espresso that everyone would love to taste and you can use it every day with just a proper usage. It is indeed a perfect machine for all the coffee lovers out there!


  1. Saeco HD8911/47 Saeco Incanto Classic Milk Frother Super Automatic Espresso Machine

If you want an elegant coffee make, then this machine will suits your taste, it will not just make good and excellent espresso but also looks good for its elegant design. There is also an adjustment on the water size and you just have to press the button for an espresso or a larger espresso and it will do its work. You can also remove the water tank so you can easily fill it with water as you desire without any problem. This machine also tells you when you have to descale to remove the minerals from the tanks, the coffee hopper holds maximum of 4 cups and there is also a space for pre-ground coffee inside the compartment.

The best of it’s function is its rinsing it self when you power it down either manually or a short period of time. It is really produce a creamy and awesome milk froth.

  • Elegant design, best materials, and high quality workmanship
  • Brew each coffee as you like it, and save your preferences with the memo function
  • Professional disc grinder made of 100% ceramic for consistent performance and natural taste
  • Classic milk frother allows you to control the milk froth directly into your cup, just like your barista
  • Large capacities in compact design: 8.8oz Bean Container, 15x Waste Container; 60.9oz

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