Best Cocktail Dresses

Best Cocktail Dresses

During World War 1 the word “Working woman”  became popular since most of the women are expose on social atmosphere. With the help of organization the idea of “modern Woman” began and soon became known as “drinking woman”  which always seen in the business settings. They use to organize “cocktail parties” to have a entertainment for the customer to mingle on the employees. Those parties usually start at 5pm onward. Since they were expected to walk around and socialize with other their dress must be comfortable

Then the cocktail dress start to used by many people. This kind of fashion has been evolve and became the popular uniform of the elite women in around 1920s.

The French Nationality was the one who introduce the first cocktail dress to the Americans and she will become famous and got a lot of customer so she decided to create a lot of cocktail dress during that time.



The Great Depression

With regards to the economic crisis, the famous designer like Muriel King says that even if its there’s a problem on their country fashion should not left behind and least there must be even a simple design must be in each dress. After the wall street crash in 1929 the industry of fashion became popular and they corporate different gatherings having a luxurious style  and no longer see in any fashion. This would be help to increase the socialization of each individual who especially worked in offices.


How to Market the cocktail dress

With regards to marketing of dress it may not too difficult cause there’s a strategy where in they trying to catch the attentions of anyone ells and encourage them to buy the dress.

One of example way to market their dress is by doing party were in they will going to rent or hire a fashion model and they will be the one to wear their masterpiece and take note a lot of media are always there when ever they do a party. But it would be easy to promote since they will going to broadcast in the television on what’s going on and they will going to see the dress using promotion and advertising.

The second one is by joining in different bazaar, with that strategy those attendees will going to catch the attentions by visiting your booth in that process you will be expose in the crowded place.

By using auction, this is a way of many rich persons and most of the attendees in this kind of party is very rich and influential persons. They going to start the biding and the most highest will be the owner of the said thing.

By means of advertising in the television, many persons are very fan of watching television that’s why their launch the another way of advertising any kind of thing because most of them are always in the television to watch something that interest with them. So when you decide to advertise your product just choose anyone of these.



The french style were simply and elegant with their designs while Americans valued efficiency and functionality. Those client in America wants a single dress that could be modified to fits with the use of other accessories. The leght of the dress started to used Hemlines meaning the dress were just below the knee instead of ankle-length which usually worn on common for evening gowns.

Bellow are the sample of cocktail dress which were invented many years from now.

  1. STRD the Label: This dress is perfectly wear during during the party at night, hit has lace midi lengh, slender straps and this gown is really sweet and playful which definitely ready in every party.


  1. Ted Baker london: This strep is open at the back and has a sheer illusion hem with a leafy lace reveals and conceals with caged ladder trim.


3.High Grove A-Line: What a sweet dress comes from hourglass lovely shapes  and has a mirrored fine arts of a lovely fauna and flora  framed by solid trim, and has a grosgrain bows at the sides.


4. Lace Sheath Dress: simple but an elegant dress with an elegant lace with delicate eyelash edges.



5. ASTR Lace Bodycon Dress: once you wear this your style will be pretty and fresh in this flora-lace bodycon dress.



6. Ditsy Charm Ruffle Sleeve Shift Dress:Has a darling ruffled sleeve with a scatter blossom all over and an easy wearing dress.



7. Victoria Pearly Trim Fit & Flare Dress: This dress are made to perfection with a pearlescent beads and perfect dress in a very intimate occasions.

8. Valerie Halter Dress: Has a scalloped lace and a tea length halter dress with a fluttery petal floats.



Question and Answer (Q & A)

  1. Is it advisable to wear cocktail dress in the party especially during at night? Yes, cause cocktail dress has a comfortable fitting in our body and has a lightweight that will surely you never get tired of weary this kind of dress.
  2. Are those cocktail dress are very expensive? It defend on where you going to buy dress, there are two types where in you can buy those dress no. 1 is in the mall, an expensive mall which definitely everyone’s love and the second one is on the bazaar. Bazaar is much more cheaper that the one who brought in the mall. It may be possible that the quality should not be the same unlike in the mall where in quality assurance is their no. one priority that makes the customer satisfied.


Final Comment:

Now a days there’s a lot of dress were in now a days has been invented. From the style, what kind of fabric, what would be the kind of dress. Any kind of dress may be available in any boutique but make sure that be wise enough in everything. Spending money must be consider and the budget is the number one priority. Be contented in what was given to you and don’t ask for more.


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