Best Cocktail Bars in Prague

Best Cocktail Bars in Prague

In a city that has such a relationship with brew, here and there it’s anything but difficult to disregard the mixed drink.

From a conventional Old Fashioned to the most recent atomic mixology invention, Prague makes them astonish decisions when you’re prepared to hit the hard stuff.  And the best part is that while a decent mixed drink can cost upwards of 20€ in New York or London, a lion’s share of savors discovered Prague foundations don’t surpass 200czk.

Here’s some  favourite watering gaps, picked for their energetic drinks, as well as their climate and appeal.



The Tretter clan has been in the bar trade for more than 90 years. In this way, no big surprise it seems like you’re strolling into a 1930’s Paris or New York mixed drink banish from the minute you stroll through the entryway. With delicate lighting, exemplary stylistic layout and barkeeps dressed the part in vintage mixed drink coats, the bar has turned into a foundation.


Perhaps Parlor wouldn’t like to be found-  and that is awesome with us. The modest little bar at the highest point of Wenceslas Square close National Museum has a superb speakeasy vibe to it, in spite of the fact that it’s fastly turning into a mainstream mystery. On the off chance that you should fortunes out and discover the about plain passage, inside you’ll locate a private, faintly lit bar with old jazz and R&B records playing and stunning specialty mixed drinks served in classical china.


L’Fleur is only a couple of entryways down from Tretter’s. Indeed, even before our first drink, we became hopelessly enamored with 1920’s period feel of the inside, total with a Mucha-propelled recolored glass window towards the back of the bar. The bar has a pleasant buzz to it within, and for some time we nearly overlooked what year it was.


It’s about difficult to go into the AnonymouS Bar and not grin. The bar is astute every step of the way. You can tell the barkeep what you like and they’ll make proposals, or look over the different drink menus as inventive as the beverages themselves.


Le Valmont is a newcomer, just having opened in Spring, 2016. The mixed drink relax is associated with a move club, making it versital for a night out. The Michael Van Cleef Ault idea was enlivened by the Miles Forman film by a similar name, it’s enriched in eighteenth century French design with abusson floor rugs, old fashioned couches, and enormous gem chandelliers by Preciosa.


Situated in a cozy cellar just behind from the Astronomical clock, Black Angel’s will give you in sensory effect. Visually fabulous with high cellar ceilings, chandaliers,  and ornate decor, it’s a lot to take in.  The drinks are amazing


Bar and Books is the primary abroad expansion of the well known New York group of bars, with two areas in Prague (the more easygoing in Manisova and marginally more formal in Týnská).


Bonvivant’s CTC isn’t tremendous, however it’s comfortable and has a cool 1950’s vibe with midcentury wood furniture, squeezed tin roof and checkered floor. With regards to requesting, overlook the menu. Simply converse with your barkeep.


Bugsy’s is an extra ordinary bar with an extraordinary history, flying up in 1992 soon after the Velvet Revolution. They’ve seen a great deal of changes throughout the years, yet the consistent has been their regard for points of interest and energy for good mixed drinks. Bugsy’s additionally adores their bubbly, and brags more than 130 brands in stock, and in addition more than 90 Single Malt Whiskeys and 100 rums. The inside is in vogue and upscale, current and dim.


Odds are, whether you’ve asked somebody, they’ve just suggested Hemingway’s Bar. The Old Town hotspot simply made the “World’s Top 50 Bars” for the third time, and in light of current circumstances. Innovative beverages (like mixed drinks served from minor fuel canisters and aroma jugs) and individual benevolent administration are two of the benchmarks that make Hemingway’s stunning


Better mixed drinks through science.

That is the reasoning of Oblaca’s Aleš J. Števlík, virtuoso mixologist gone frantic researcher (possibly that clarifies the drink served in a  test tube).

Števlík conveys Molecular Mixology in his mixed drink plans, investigating the physical and concoction changes of fixings that happen when making a mixed drink.


  1. Is this cocktail bars are the most well known in Prague?. Yes these are some of the well known or famous bars in Prague
  2. Are they serving inexpensive cocktails?. Yes. Maybe there are budget friendly bars from the list.


Prague was once connected with the stag-do swarm, a city known more for moderate pilsner than an expertly-blended Old Fashioned. That is not exactly the case these days. A flourishing scene of mixed drink bars have opened up in the brew cherishing city, from speakeasies to lodging bars, serving up very much respected mixed drinks to the occupants of the Golden City.


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