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Choosing the best cheese for red wine!

What’s more delicious than drinking wine in every night? Perhaps, red wine is. Drinking red wine makes our tired body feels energized, but what if we pair this with our most favorite dish or instead will match it to cheese? Are the wine in our kitchen are great for the cheese we love? When we think about a wine and cheddar we consequently consider red wines, yet in certainty, white wine is really a vastly improved accomplice for some kinds of cheddar. Truly, for a great many people red wine is the go-to accomplice for cheddar.

However, the issue with red wine, particularly a full-bodied red, is that it can overwhelm everything except the most powerful of cheeses. White wine, sustained wines and lighter red wines are regularly a vastly improved match. If you want to know more about which red wine you should go every time you are craving for cheese, then you should take a minute to reads this article to discover which red is great to pair with cheese to fully enjoy your evening summer night!


Choosing Red wines for cheese is quite tricky to find but most red wines are not precisely the typical matching with regards to cheddar platters. Several people simply accept white wines are the best cheddar blending choice paying little mind to the cheeses that are on the platter. While a pleasant white wine can be an incredible decision for specific cheese, yet it isn’t generally the best decision. There are a few cheddar cheeses that match similarly well with red wines. There are a lot of cheeses to combine with red wines and a lot of varieties of red wines work amazing with cheese. If you already knew which are the best then you can simply enjoy drinking wine with your favorite choice of cheese.

Chevres Cheese


Also called as “young cheese”, a delicate goat cheeses, tend to combine unbelievably well with light red wines. The motivation behind why is they are extremely tart and exceptionally tasty it has the natural flavor that tannins saturate on red wines. The best chevre cheeses to coordinate with red wines are the ones that are herb encrusted. The valiant, misty herb flavors lean to go extremely well with bolder red wines. This won’t be extraordinary compared to other cheeses to match with red wine if you don’t care for a tart flavor that may draw out the kind of liquor. Certain liquor irresistible reds, similar to cabernets, ought to be kept away from because of ABV rates that worsen this issue.

Best wine to pair with Chevres Cheese

  • Bordeaux
  • Merlot
  • Lambrusco

Gruyère (Nutty Cow Cheese)


Have you tried Gruyère in red wine? If not then this is your chance to know why you need to try this to pair to your favorite red. This Gruyere cheese is a smooth seasoned cheddar, and tends have a more rich taste to it. Several people would conclude that the smoothness of the cheddar may improve its combined with a white wine, however, keep in mind that it’s very evident that whites can function admirably with a white wine, it’s reds that truly draw out the decency. There are a lot of best cheeses to match with red wine have that smooth, nearly pea nutty that enhance the profile. The way to choosing a decent red wine that works with this sort of cheddar is to search for a light, fragile, and similarly delicate wine. In this way, most sommeliers recommend combining this and to other correspondingly nutty dairy animal’s cheeses. Keep in minds that keep this away from wines above 12 % alcohol content, as the liquor can overwhelm flavors.

Best Red wine to pair this Gruyère

  • Pinot Noir
  • Cabernet Franc
  • Merlot



Gouda cheese and red wines are the best matches it is similarly like to green eggs and ham. They’re renowned for functioning admirably together, and it’s for various reasons. The tannins tie to the fat and purge the sense of taste after each chomp. The abundance of red wine engages with the smoothness of the cheddar. A firm, solid cheeses like this cheese has a tendency to be the top cheeses to combine with the red wine and appear to match with a portion of the biggest scopes of red wine in the range.

Best Red wine for Gouda

  • Merlot
  • Port
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Sangiovese



The Asiago cheddar and other matured cheeses are a portion of the best cheeses for blending with red wines which are packed with the intense punch. Basically, the solid flavor and smell of these sorts of cheeses have a tendency to require a red wine that is similarly solid to go for them. Also, this cheese has the tannins in red wine that will go about as a notable sense of taste substance. Thus, it additionally can enable leave to enhance development as you attempt different cheeses. Basically, any matured cheddar will function admirably with red wine pairings.

Best Red wine for Asiago

  • Zinfandel
  • Sangiovese
  • Red wines that have more than 14% of alcohol content Zinfandel



The Blue cheeses or the Gorgonzola have an extraordinarily intense taste, and to a point, are known for their crazy scent, as well. The amusing thing about impactful cheeses is that they have a tendency to be superb with sweeter red wines, and also more capable reds. This influences gorgonzola and ideal for darker reds and pastry reds.

Best Red wine to pair this is

  • Port Red Wines
  • Sauternes


  1. Is white wines are also great with the above cheese? I’m not sure but paring this in red wine is the most ideal approach to pair with cheese.
  2.   Is the taste will changed if this cheese are pair with red wine? Of course not. This is the best cheese to pair with red wines.

Final Thought

If you love a Sunday party wines with your friends and family, then you might even love to include the best cheese to pair with a glass of red wines. Red wines are most of the time the best choice when hosting a party, however, some of us always pair this in steak or other foods that are best to pair with red wines. But, instead to pair this to steak, why don’t you try tom match this in cheese? Cheese is also great to some red wines like merlot and pinot noir. It also does not give an enticing night ahead but a tasteful evening night with your family and friends. If you want to try paring your most favorite reds then you must consider the above list for better options!


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