Best Chai Tea Recipe

Best Chai Tea Recipe

Chai is a Chinese word of tea.It is the actual mixture of spices and a beverage that will surely create a good refreshing drink.As years go by a lot of chai recipe has been presented, proven and tasted between families, cultures,continents and towns.

Chai tea is traditionally prepared using a black tea and with the mixtures of selected spices like cardamom, cinnamon,cloves, black peppercorns and  ginger.It is also created with milk,sugar,honey and other sweeteners that enhances the taste too.

It is a perfect blend of spices and herbs that gives delightful health effects in your body and mind.It can alleviate any health condition.It is said to boost immune system,and fight backs inflammation and act as an agent of antioxidant

You will be able to read the discussion below about the origin, components, preparation and how you can properly store chai tea.Also we will give you the best chai tea recipe and is known by its original tasty chai tea.Here you will note about the ingredients and how you can prepare it easily.


Way back 5,000 years ago a king from India ask his many men to create and invent a healing drink out from many spices.It is said that the very first spices used are pepper and ginger because it stimulates proper digestion and helps to boost metabolism.Cloves,cardamom and cinnamon are also being used for many health issues and surely make it function well.


Since chai tea is very popular nowadays and it has varied from family to town and culture,you cannot actually tell the exact right recipe of chai but it is definitely consists of ingredients and mixtures of the following:


  • TEA:It is best know that it uses black teas namely Darjeeling and  Assam which originally from India.You can actually also use of green teas for your chai that can be found mostly from South Africa and they are known to have the best herbs too.There are also teas contain of spices and no actual leaves on it.
  • MILK:They said that it is best to use a kind of milk from Buffalo.But a lot of Westerners used mostly the milk from cow.You can also use milk from goat and yak.
  • SWEETENER:You can always used sugar either white or brown,coconut or turbinado,demerara and the best known from India Jaggery sugar.You can also used honey to enhance more the taste.
  • SPICES:Honestly speaking using spices should depend upon the availability of those ingredients from your place.So one ingredient may vary or may apply  to another but for some it cannot be due to its accessibility.But traditionally cardamom,cinnamon,cloves and ginger are those main spices that are used in Chai Tea.It also includes some pepper,vanilla,fennel and nutmeg.And as days go by another addition to the main spices are cacao,bay leaf,cumin and coriander that are very helpful in maintaining the flavor.



  • Steep in a freshwater with the mixture of milk or you can do either way, it actually depends in your need.Just an advice,never truly boil both milk or water to avoid burning the flavor.
  • You can brew your chai tea for an 8 oz of water or milk per 2 grams of the leaves


To make sure the freshness and quality of chai you should consider the proper storage of those teas.You may want to look up some of the listed tips below.This will help its features to stay and will stack even a longer period of time.

  • It should be stored in a cool,dry and dark place
  • Keep away from the light of the sun and away from moist
  • It should be stock up in an airtight sealed container
  • It should not be mix from other powderized assortment like coffee and other spices that may leak the taste and characteristics.


This is best known to its delicious taste.This is great for anyone who wants to have the best refreshing chai tea that is originated from India.



  • Cloves – 4 pieces
  • Cardamom – 2 pieces
  • Cinnamon – 1 stick
  • Freshwater – 4 cups
  • Pepper – (ground) ⅛
  • Milk – ½ cups
  • Sugar – 2 tbsp.
  • Black Tea -2 tbsp.


  • Properly grind the cloves,cardamom,and cinnamon.You can use coffee grinder.
  • You may want to put all the grind spices to the saucepan.
  • Boil the water,pepper and ginger too
  • You can take away the pan and steep it for 5 minutes
  • Mix the sugar and milk together and let it boil.
  • Take it away and you can put the tea now.
  • Steep again for 3 minutes.
  • Mix and filter it in a pot or you pour directly to the mugs or cups.


The above context will surely help you to do your best chai tea.Aside from its delicious and yummy flavor it still brings good effect to the health condition of the human.The listed recipe will also let you create your own chai tea in house that is easy and no hustle in preparing.






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