Best Canadian Beers

Best Canadian Beers

While beer has been Canada’s mixed drink of decision for quite a long time, a developing number of Canadians are passing on neighborhood blends and buying imported brews, generally from the United States and Mexico. In 2010, imported lager deals expanded 7.8 for each penny, catching 14 for every penny of the aggregate market.

Of course, there is incredible brew to be found over the globe, yet we would prefer not to see Canada’s great determination get dismissed for what’s past the outskirt.


Old Style Pilsner

The lager legitimately merits its place in the rundown. Old Style Pilsner has been blended since 1926, and has a bizarre religion following all through Canada. I’ve known about individuals going with instances of Pil and exchanging it en route for more brew than they started with. Another “Passage Level” lager for Western Canadian Youths. Referred to the nation over as “Pil”, “Saskatchewan Champagne”, “Sner”, “Vitimin P” and “Pilly Pop”. Old Style Pilsner is well known for intersection the lines of age, riches, and taste.

Kokanee Lager

Creston, BC – 5.0% – A light, flavourful brew. Commonly Canadian Youths “Passage Level” brew. In spite of its prominence with youth, the lager itself is deserving of utilization from individuals of all ages. This brew is effortlessly found in Canada, fundamentally in Western Provinces and the Pacific Northwest of America. Kokanee is British Columbia’s top of the line brew. The brew originates from unadulterated mountain stream water and is matured normally. It utilizes a few sorts of malt and a mix of western developed North American bounces.

Okanagan Spring Pale Ale

Vernon, BC   – 5.0% – Brewed utilizing 2 push Saskatchewan barly. A reasonable and copper brew that is fruity on the sense of taste, and completes off dry with generous jumps. Additionally a toughy to discover in your ordinary Liquor Store, so if you’re in the Okanagan Valley, or anyplace in South East BC, you ought to have the capacity to discover it.

Mill Street Tankhouse Ale

Toronto, ON  – 5.2% – A furious looking profound copper-red American style pale lager from the 2007 and 2008 Canadian distillery of the year. Prepared with 5 unique malts and Cascade Hops. Factory Street Tankhouse Ale is mind boggling, malty surface brew with inconspicuous chocolate, espresso, citris, and nectar wrap up.

Wild Rose Velvet Fog

This lager was a gold decoration champ at the 2008 Great Canadian Beer Festival in Victoria. A rich North American wheat lager, wearing half wheat malt, and half grain malt, which gives this unfiltered mix a cloudy, brilliant shading with a tart crisp character.

Great Western Pilsner

An honor winning brew beyond any doubt to satisfy any devotee of a decent pilsner. Extraordinary Western Pilsner is a very carbonated lager with an outrageous fresh complete and sweet malt notes. A nearby most loved in Saskatchewan. In case you’re driving through SK you’re certain to discover a 2-4 of Great Western Pilsner at each alcohol store.

Moosehead Lager

A scrumptious Canadian ale that is bound with both sweet malt and bounce embodiment. Moosehead goes down to a great degree simple, in case you’re somewhat vanilla with your brew tastes, I’d prescribe this one. It’s really uncommon that anybody abhors a couple of these on a warm summers evening. Dissemination of this lager has been extending a lot over the most recent couple of years, it’s very simple to discover these at any Liquor Store.


Unibroue Maudite

Maudite has a genuine Quebecois name that originates from the legend of the Chasse-Galerie, also called the legend of the Flying Canoe. The story goes that a gathering of loggers made an arrangement with the fallen angel to fly home in their old wooden kayaks to make it home in time for Christmas. Maudite was conceived in November 1992, and was the primary solid lager to be sold all through Quebec supermarkets. It additionally just so happens to be the principal lager blended in North America that enhances with age. Drink a youthful Maudite and you’ll see it exceptionally smooth, anyway when served following a couple of long stretches of capacity, its flavor starts to go up against that of a port.

Alexander Keith’s I.P.A

Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale was first made in 1820 for British Troops serving in India. This lager is blended just in Halifax where prying eyes can’t locate their unique best mystery formula. A one of a kind spotless and fresh taste with a bounce enhances and botanical notes. This brew is to a great degree famous on the East shoreline of Canada and is starting to end up more mainstream in the west also.

Steam Whistle Pilsner

Prepared alongside the CN tower at the notorious and noteworthy St. John’s Street Roundhouse. Steam Whistle Pilsner is a brilliant lager with a reviving and unmistakable smell of jumps, with a perfect, fresh wrap up.

Question and Answer

  1. Are these beer are available all throughout Canada? Yes, they are locally available in Canadian Liquor store.
  2. Do they contain a high level of alcohol?. Yes some have a high level of alcohol content.


When it comes to North American Beer, the best stuff originates from North of the Border. In addition to the fact that it is better made, better tasting, it additionally has more kick than the lager you’ll locate our great companions from the US of A drinking. Also, it remains cool longer, what with the climate what not. Each area and region in Canada has it’s own particular brew that local people love to call their own. Try not to fear Canadian Beer, grasp it. Exploring crosswise over Canada is extreme work, help yourself out and stop en route, remunerate yourself with a portion of the best brews from Canada.


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